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Indescribably Wonderful! Personal Development Seminar Number 5, 2010 April 23-25

Tessa Thonett
May 20, 2010

For 2 and a half days we came together -- 15 people from 9 nationalities -- for the 5th U.K. Personal Development Seminar in the South London Peace Center.

This seminar's main feature is Family Constellations Therapy. Out of our 15 participants there were 11 Constellations. We all worked hard together to make that happen -- so much so that we all agreed to stay until after midnight each day. Does that sound intriguing? Please contact me if you'd like to know more about it. Briefly put it's about bringing into view the cause of problems in our life, so we can see it and make the effective actions to solve, to forgive, and to remove the energetic barriers that are within us.

One couple who participated in the seminar together said of their experience:

"Attending the seminar (whether or not one actually has a personal constellation), enables one to come to have such a deep level of trust with the people who are there, bonding through understanding one another's suffering. One builds a far deeper level of love and compassion for the others -- far more so than could be found spending three days together in any other way! It is a wonderful way to get to know our brothers and sisters on a completely new level.

When you have your own Constellation, although it can be confronting as it is quite revealing, it gives you something very clear to pray and talk with God about, helping you to become more stable.

My constellation this weekend was about my relationship with my parents, which has had some rough patches, especially since I joined our church. I've always felt very defensive when speaking about my faith with my parents, as they have attacked me quite a bit in the past on this subject.

This time when I spoke with my mother on returning from this Constellation, I felt quite different. She was wondering how she would react if Jesus returned to earth right now and I replied "You wouldn't recognize him". Not understanding what I had said, she asked for clarification and when I said that for me Christ has returned, she was again upset with me, as usual. This time I could explain calmly and clearly that I believe that God and Jesus are working together with our True Father, the Messiah, who (as the Bible stated) came from the East and with a new name. What was new this time for me in this conversation was that because my spirit was so much calmer and more confident, she didn't get flustered or more accusing and we moved on to another subject quite freely.

I also felt so much deeper love for my father when I saw him this week, as I had no undercurrent of the usual fear when meeting him. As one's relationship with one's parents influences one so deeply, I feel that now, having resolved some deep things to do with my relationship with my parents, I am in fact calmer and more stable in general."

Tessa Thonett

"Lubelia is a true facilitator. I have complete faith in her training, intuition and clarity of mind and spirit. The process of the Family Constellation Workshop in itself is most revealing and empowering. But with the added insight we have into the spirit world because of the D.P., members in particular can make great use of this process to focus their efforts in healing restoration and personal development. Having taken part in these workshops twice now, I can say with great conviction that it has changed the way I look at myself and provided me with tangible opportunities to improve myself and my relationships. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about making the most of the life we are given."

Markus Thonett

If you would like to attend the next UK PDS please contact Cecilie Fortune or Susan Crosthwaite.

See Upcoming Events at for the dates of the next one. 

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