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Edna Yamaguchi
May 3, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time as we now go over the Golden Wedding Anniversary of our most beloved True Parents.

I felt inspired to share a little bit of my Heavenly / hellish experiences in my 12 years here in Japan. I know that some of the silent majority are still in their "struggling / victim" mode, unable to see a glimpse of Heaven. Cultural differences, language barriers, male / female barriers are not easy to overcome. It's not also easy to go beyond the limitations, historical failures / resentments of our own ancestors, as their blood is running deep in our veins.

When I came to Japan to start family in June 1998, I felt like my husband pulled me from Heaven down to hell. How can I survive in hell? Many factors made me alive in those first 3 years. One thing, there was an internet cafe within walking distance from our apartment and I happened to read Father's 1983 speech entitled "Total Indemnity". With tears in my heart, I determined to go once more this thorny path. I've also met an elderly Blessed couple (1970 / 777 Couples) during our "start family" seminar and, I thought, "Here are people who have been working hard for God's Providence even before I was born, can't I continue their TRADITION?" I wanted to be like them, who, after 30 yrs, could also present my victorious self in front of young couples and say with a beaming face, "This is how my spouse has made me". I also had the chance to go to Chung Pyung where I was able to unload all the dirt that I've accumulated when I worked outside the Church.

After I gave birth to our first child, my husband was asked to lead a church here in Japan. "But my husband is not a UTS graduate, he doesn't even have a spiritual child.", I argued with our Korean leader at that time. "It doesn't matter, just GO... GO", he replied.

After attending the 21-day Blessed wives seminar and the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship in Chung Pyung last Jan 13, 2001, I followed my husband to his church assignment in Gunma-ken.

I was really surprised to see a Japanese Blessed couple (both UTS graduates) who were not able to overcome their differences they ended up bearing an extra-ordinarily abnormal child. The wife said, she just can not find a way to overcome her deep resentment to her husband that her 3rd child came out to be such a pitiful child. I thought to myself, "I thought international couples' situation is very very difficult but it looks like these Japanese-Japanese couples have even much more difficult circumstances". I saw 2 more Blessed children who have such very very "rare" cases.

Many problems challenged me (my heart, my spirit) in that church but my weapon at that time was Father's speech entitled, "How to Gain Spiritual Help". I read it 3x a day. This has been my favorite speech since I've read it in 1990. I liked it not because I wanted to gain spiritual help but because I thought of it as a "guide for the TRUE way of life", this should have been the more appropriate title, I thought.

To make the long story short, after the worldwide Church condition for Cosmic Pentecost, I felt like I was the one who benefited from it all. All of my struggles, all of the barriers in my heart just disappeared and even Satan himself disappeared from my consciousness and yes, my eyes were opened and I can see Heaven once more. And as a bonus, I've come to experience what Buddha has experienced when he said, "Of all of Heaven and of earth, I, alone, am the Honored One". I've also come to understand what Jesus meant when he said, "On THAT day, you will know, that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you".

Indeed, God and True Parents are ONE. God, True Parents and Humanity are ONE. I've come to understand the deep deep Heart of True Parents, like that of a mother, running around like crazy, looking for her lost child. . like a mother, running around like crazy, seeking for help to save her dying child. And yes, the True Parents can never really enter Heaven, while there is still one soul left in hell.

To Be Continued...

Love ITPN,

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