The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

My Share Part 2

Edna Yamaguchi
May 4, 2010

My main struggle in my first 3 yrs was more on my "faith" to True Parents. The scandals in the True Family at that time (Un Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim), made me feel, "Now, my ideal of the True Family is lost, how can I witness now? How can I testify about True Parents now?" Couple this with my struggle in my Blessing where I can not see the Ideals that I've carried in my heart... Somehow I got a renewed faith when I watched Father perform the Coronation for God's Kingship in Jan. 13, 2001. I've thought, "Indeed, True Father is the most filial son to God". I felt pride, once more, for True Parents... Of course, the final showdown was after the Cosmic Pentecost when I gained liberation and experienced True Parents' desperate heart to save their dying children when I had to cry for 3 days / nights for our struggling members at that time. That's when I decided to make the "letter of heart" to my husband and to one member. These letters, I've passed on to some members and to Today's World Magazine... The response was, Dae Mo Nim / Heung Jin Nim / Hoon Mo Nim came to Gunma Ken...

After such Heavenly, liberating experiences, I became VERY VERY proud of myself and I thought, "NOW, I KNOW MORE THAN TRUE FATHER"... After Dae Mo Nim / Heung Jin Nim / Hoon Mo Nim left, I've felt like a HUGE, HUGE, HEAVY stone (about 3-meter diameter) was pinning on me. It was only after we've gone past the Gunma perimeter, on our way to Nagano, that I've felt relieved. I've realized, "Where God is, Satan is there as well"...

to be continued...

Love ITPN,

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