The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

My Share Part 3

Edna Yamaguchi
May 7, 2010

What really struck me the most as I was reading Blessing Quarterly (from US) was True Mother's Words which said; "You have to love Satan". Wow, this is something new, I thought. Love Satan? In my 17 yrs in the Church, I think this is the first time I came across this word... I thought, we are to despise Satan, curse him to "cease and desist"? But then again, if we really think of Jesus' Word "Love your enemy", this is what it really means...

Also, these words touched me a lot in my first days in Japan church (as a Church leader); "Love, even those who are not worthy to be loved. Serve, even those who are not worthy to be served. Sacrifice, even for those who are not worthy to sacrifice for."

After my "liberation", I've learned to be grateful to Satan, my "enemies"... Why? without them as my object for practicing "love your enemy", I would not have had all those Heavenly experiences and I would not have been able to fathom the utmost depth of God and True Parents' HEART...

So, after my liberating experiences, Satan became my new "best friend". All of those members whom I've struggled with, became my real "best friends"...

To be continued

Love and Prayers,

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