The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

My Share Part 4

Edna Yamaguchi
May 10, 2010

Before I came to Japan to start Family in 1998, so many things happened in the Church.

While I was here in Japan for a 6 mos. business trip in 1996, our Phil. Church faced its heaviest persecution (national level). I can't help feeling "indignant" that at that time when my Church needed me the most, I can not be there to defend it... Later, when I came to start family and struggled myself, I realized, "yes, I first needed to face the same problems and come out victorious before I can stand as a 'credible' witness to my Faith"...

That same year, our very own elder brother, Rudolph M. (1988 / 6,500-Couple Blessing) killed his Japanese wife... I can't help feeling somewhat "guilty" about it... that at the time when I'm enjoying my own heaven in the outside world, my brothers and sisters are there struggling in the depths of hell... I took it as a direct, personal attack from Satan because I was right here in Japan when that happened...

I think because of those incidents, I could, somehow, still decide to come to Japan to start family even when I've seen how my spouse lived "like a rat / mouse living in a hole". I can't help but ask God with tears in my heart, "Can I endure this kind of life?" Later, when I was in my lowest, in my utmost despair over my life here in Japan, and remember that it was MY personal decision to come and start family here in Japan after all, then I can't help but feel "responsible" and therefore, can have strength to fight and "win" over these obstacles/struggles ...

To be continued

Love and Prayers,

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