The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

My Share Part 5

Edna Yamaguchi
May 12, 2010

If I just keep on blaming God, True Parents or anybody else over my fate, I would remain a "victim" under the yoke of Satan, but if I take responsibility, "ownership" over every minute detail of my life, then I become a "victor" invincible to Satan.

I can say this now but how about when I was in my deepest pain, anguish and sorrow where death seems to be the sweetest option to end everything once and for all? I had to plead to God to take away my HEART so that I could be freed from such unbearable pain which is like being stabbed again and again... and again. How can we end evil history? How can we end sad, painful history? We need to go beyond the limitations of our self-centered thoughts and desires. We need to drain off the blood of our fallen lineage and allow the pure untainted blood of God and True Parents flow in our veins...

If we just cling to our external, humanistic views, we can never turn this world into the Kingdom of Heaven that God has designed it to be, we can never reach the DIVINE image that God has designed us to be...

To be continued 

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