The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

My Share Part 6

Edna Yamaguchi
May 14, 2010

When I came here and I struggled, I had to criticize myself for 3 years, questioning my Motivation, Direction and Purpose. "Why did I want to marry somebody like Jesus? Only for MYSELF???" I had to confront so many kinds of negative emotions, fallen natures I never thought I possessed. I even felt resentful to Father questioning his Words of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. "Only for YOURSELF?" I thought.

Again, when Young Jin Nim died, I felt angered once more thinking, "Why didn't Father make a better match for Young Jin Nim, and why can't these Blessed children embody God's Absolute Truth, Absolute Beauty and Absolute Goodness? Now, this anger towards Satan and Cain-type people turned to PITY. Why? Because I know, their destination is only in hell. How can I rejoice over their damnation when I know that it is God and True Parents who would grieve the most? Even when my younger brother was murdered, I can only feel pity to the murderer because I know that not only him but his descendants as well, have to suffer the consequences of such grave mistake.

The Universal Law is very fearful; "You reap what you sow". "What you bind on earth is bound in Heaven." How can we end this vicious cycle of hurting others and being hurt in return? We need to develop our sensitivity to God's Heart. One word that we utter carelessly could haunt one person, our spouse, our children, our parents for a long long time. When my husband does something wrong and tries to give anything as peace offering, I ask him, "Please pray to God. Only God can heal my heart". Now, this "over-sensitive", "over-fragile" heart of mine is getting healed. And I'm getting more and more "immune" to Satan's attacks. It really takes time to shed off all those historical failures, resentments that we have carried as "fruit" of our ancestors. For my brothers and sisters out there who are still facing some difficulties, remember, "There's light at the end of the tunnel", "Behind the clouds, the sun is still shining". Please know that God and True Parents are there suffering with you. So, to liberate God and True Parents, we need to liberate ourselves, and then, we can help liberate others as well. Once we get over those trials and difficulties, we can come out as real good "counselors" for the younger ones.

Love and Prayers,


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