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Edna Yamaguchi
June 14, 2010

I can not sleep. I knew, I have to write something...

The reason I struggled so hard against my husband for 3 years is because I held on to Father's Word that the Adam represents God and Eve is God's wife. Naturally, the God that I encountered in 1991 (with Overflowing. overwhelming LOVE) is the SAME GOD that I hoped to see in my husband...I wondered why one time, as I was breastfeeding our newly born child (first child), my husband just suddenly hit me in the head. (In the Philippines, we don't hit the head! Here in Japan or in Korea, that maybe normal but NOT in the Philippines. Our reason is that the child becomes STUPID!)

Imagine my rage, I can't help myself from blurting out Satan's words. That's when I felt like my IDEALS crumbled. For 15 yrs since I met the Church, that's the first time such word came out from my mouth. Imagine my horror at seeing myself talking like Satan! As I tried to understand why my husband hit me for no reason, it dawned to me that "Aha, he's feeling JEALOUS to our newly born child." When I asked my spiritual son how we felt when his wife gave birth to their first child (a boy), he answered, "Like the feeling of Lucifer when Adam was born."

to be continued

Edna P. Y. 

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