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Edna Yamaguchi
June 20, 2010

Father said, "The problem of the world is the problem between man and woman..." In my Heavenly/hellish experiences I've come to realize that the problem between God and Satan is the problem between male and female attributes. This is why I said, I can only PITY Satan, why? Because... he doesn't have the WOMB. how can I expect him to think and feel exactly as I do? He does not have the WOMB. NATURE made him so...

Now, I've come to realize why Father said, "If I were to be born again, I want to be born as a WOMAN..." And also he blurted out, "It is so difficult to conquer the Heart of an Ideal Woman, it is even easier to conquer the world by force!..."

What only saddens me now is the fact that Hyun Jin Nim group seems to question the Heart of True Mother as a full embodiment of God's DIVINE LOVE..."When can we ever liberate God's Heart?", I thought... The purpose of the Unification Church has been this and this alone... So, while somebody is still suffering, unable to live as the fullest expression of God's DIVINE IMAGE, then Unification Church shall continue to exist... This is my stand...

I can understand Hyun Jin Nim's sentiment though. I, myself, when Father blurted out in the early 90's that "UNIFICATION CHURCH FAILED!", started to distance my sentiment away from the Unification Church... It is NOTHING but a hospital for crazy, emotionally unstable people, I thought... even now. (But well, God is the MOST crazy because of His essence which is the HEART)...

It is only with the coming of Dae Mo Nim / Heung Jin nim / Hoon Mo Nim that I've come to regain my confidence once more, to the Unification Church. And as well, Hyung Jin Nim, who, upon the death of his closest brother, Young Jin Nim, came to understand the value of God, faith and religion, that it could ease the pain of tragic loss, of the most difficult emotional problems, and of understanding the real meaning of LIFE... With continuous ascetic training, Hyung Jin Nim is coming out strong being able to understand how Satan works, how Satan thinks, how Satan feels and so NOW he tries to restore to failure of the Church, in restoring the failure of Lucifer... We can not help but be touched by his profound HONESTY, Sincerity in carrying the Heavenly Tradition. And who would not want to support him? I, for one, is starting to walk in his footprints...

Of course, we also need to consider practical realities, and this seems to be the focus of Hyun Jin Nim...This is why what I'm seeing now between Hyung Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim is the fight between mind and body, God and man, Cause and Effect, Spirit World and Physical World, the Ideal and the Reality, Internal and External, Eternal and Temporal... So which should be the SUBJECT? In LOVE, BOTH are EQUAL. Both are HAPPY for each other... We still have to reach that point... The question now is WHEN?

to be continued

Love ITPN,

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