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My Share (11) Sept 11, 2001

Edna Yamaguchi
July 12, 2010

My newly found Heaven in 2001 was momentary. As we all know of that tragic attack on the World Trade Center in New York and in some other areas that has really shocked the whole world in Sept. 11, 2001.

Father was very upset and very angry that once more, he put the blame on our Mother nation, Japan. Our ever humble Japan Church members took the blame and again offered conditions, bowing etc. to indemnify for that shocking, unbelievable act of terror.

My views were different, though. I took it as a proof that indeed, God's protection has left America when Father transferred the World Headquarters to Korea. And yes, it served as a lesson to America and to any country that peace and prosperity of one nation can NEVER be guaranteed while other nations are still in turmoil. I never knew that Afghanistan people were suffering under the yoke of the Taliban. The UN and US knew about it but can not just do anything about it if the American people (taxpayers / voters) won't agree with it. That Sept. 11 incident paved the way for the "salvation" of Afghanistan and next was the cleansing of Iraq. If possible, Father did not want Pres. Bush to start the war in Iraq but I saw it as a "necessary evil" to end, once and for all, tyranny, abuse of power and any evil sovereignty.

As I've said, my Heaven was momentary. After such momentary glee of the Sept 11 terror, I myself had to repent and offer conditions for the lost lives. As Father has said, individual Heaven does not guarantee the worldwide Heaven and rightly so. Even after regaining my own Heaven, I can still see murder and all kinds of evil deeds in TV news... It took some time for me to digest ALL that has occurred to me personally and to my husband's wonderful experiences with Father and with the Providence... The whole 8 yrs (2000-2008) of my husband's mission as Church Leader here in Japan were much more stormy days and less sunny days for me but those were all great experiences for my GROWTH...

Finally, around 4-5 mos before Oct. 14 Cosmic Peace Blessing last year, I could see great changes in my husband. I could finally say, he's finally becoming a True Adam, learning to "catch" my ever "elusive" heart. And it was only from that time (last year) that I could say, we are indeed, an inseparable, ONE being...


Love ITPN,


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