The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

The Breaking News is... True Parents!

Edna Pang-oden Yamaguchi
March 3, 2011

I grew up in a family where I often heard my father shout out loud, "There's no IDEAL in the Church (Catholic Church)!" Later on I've heard from my mother that my father had a very bad experience when he was an elementary school pupil of a Catholic school. One night, he didn't want to join the evening prayer (Holy Rosary) and hid under the bed. The priest came and KICKED him in his hiding place. That experience left a deep scar in my father's young heart that he never had any inclination to the Catholic Church. He attended the Protestant church in our community.

When I met the Unification Church, I thought, "This is what my father has been seeking for!" Naturally, I just stuck to the Unification Church like a bee to a nectar. I met the Unification Church in my first year of college, in 1985. That five years of College was really a time of great excitement with CARD, Won Hwa Do (now Tong Il Moo Do) and deep study on True Parents' Words, Unification Thought, Internal Guidance, Heung Jin Nim Experience, the "normal" Unification Church lifestyle.

My TRUE rebirth came in 1991, when I had my first taste of God's OVERFLOWING, OVERWHELMING, OVER-INTOXICATING LOVE. This experience CHANGED me forever. When in the past I was an extra-strict perfectionist, CRUELLY righteous person, I became a TRUE loving, embracing, heartistic person. When in the past I thought of God as on outside FORCE, I felt and heard Him speak from the innermost Core of my Heart. When in the past, I can only "believe", now I KNOW that God is REAL and that True Parents Words are TRUE.

I've come to meet the TRUE GOD, thanks to TRUE PARENTS!

Father said, "If you have TRUE LOVE, you can traverse the whole galaxy in less than a minute." I can attest that it's ABSOLUTELY TRUE because I've EXPERIENCED it myself.

No matter how many books would attempt to describe the TASTE of Honey, you can never fully understand it unless you have a TASTE of it yourself.

This is now the Age of God's DIRECT Dominion, the Age After the Coming of Heaven. Let us seek to EMBODY God's and True Parents' Divine LOVE then the Kingdom of Heaven will just appear right before our very eyes. Wish us all Heavenly Wisdom and Heavenly Fortune, AJU! 

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