The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

My Reflection on the March 11 Quake/Tsunami here in Japan

Edna Pang-oden Yamaguchi
March 21, 2011

It was around 15 minutes before 3 pm on Friday, March 11, 2011. I was busy with my hard-tasking job in a mushroom factory here in Nagano, Japan. I noticed my co-workers stopping from their work and saying, "Earthquake!" I paused and yes, I felt the slight quake. I immediately ran to the other building to inform my 2 co-workers. Everybody went outside the building. It was not that strong but it was unusually "long", few minutes? Anyway, we went back to work and after work, I went home and did my usual household chores.

Earthquakes are normal here in Japan so I never really realized the extent of the damage until past 10 pm when I had a glimpse of what my husband was watching at the TV screen. I was shocked as I watched a movie-like scenario, the whole village washed away by tsunami! I was totally shocked I wanted to cry. For a few years now since we came back to hometown, I never found any spare time to watch the TV. I was just busy working and again at home, busy with my 2 aging in-laws and 4 children. Relatives and friends in Facebook asked me how I am, I just said, "we're fine here. no worry for tsunami." Still, I never realized so many already died, many houses, cars, boats washed away by tsunami! Imagine my shock, as I watched the TV late that night.

Still, understanding that physical death is nothing as compared to spiritual death, I still see this extraordinary Quake/Tsunami of 8.8 magnitude more as a "blessing" rather than a "curse". I see it as a mark for a "New Beginning", "Spiritual Awakening" for Japan so that it could flow along with Heavenly Fortune brought about by our True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. So many Japanese members just got tired giving donations after donations after donations, incurring debts, selling their properties so they could buy a book worth 30 Million Yen!.... Is there any non-Japanese member, "foolish" enough to buy True Parents' book worth 30 million yen? Nobody, as this is totally unthinkable in our Christian culture where Jesus praised the poor woman who can only offer 5 cents (her only money) over a rich man who offered so much. Yes, our poor Japanese members offered their everything for God and True Parents. I can see how they live. I can hear their resentments thinking; "WHY Father can send his children to Harvard but prohibits us from sending our own children?" I can feel their pains, their bewilderment as to why they are made to suffer as if being "bullied" (through heavy donations) again and again and again.

Now, a new "messiah", the Nakayama group is getting noisy with their revelations from the spirit world claiming that Father would die this year. Well, I want to tell them now, that before True Father dies, "Japan will SINK!". Father is still very much alive but they're just relying on the spirit world for their "truth". Anyway, God is LOVE. May that God's overflowing, overwhelming, over-intoxicating love could bathe them so that they can come to understand the heart of those members who could keep on sacrificing and sacrificing and sacrificing for God and True Parents. I can continue to sacrifice because I feel gloriously grateful to God's overflowing, overwhelming, over-intoxicating love. This may appear foolish for those who feel "deprived" of God's Love.

I really feel very very strongly that this year 2011 shall see the final showdown between God and Satan, between good and evil, between maturity and immaturity, between knowledge and ignorance, between love and hatred, between Heaven and Earth, between spirit world and physical world.

I pray, may that we become people who can make both God and Satan UNITE in LOVE, in Peace, In Joy, in Harmony, in Prosperity throughout all of eternity, Aju! 

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