The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

God is LOVE

Edna Pang-oden Yamaguchi
May 10, 2011

Words can never fully describe God's overflowing, overwhelming, over-intoxicating LOVE. All I can say is that this glorious experience of God's overflowing, overwhelming, over-intoxicating LOVE transformed me from an extra-wild, untamed horse to a perfectly docile, obedient lamb. What have I done to merit such great divine LOVE of God? Nothing... I was just a simple-minded country girl, who, by God's grace, happened to meet the Unification Church, understand that God is not plainly "omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent" as we learned from our basic Catechism, but most fundamental Truth is that God is a God of HEART and personality who also feels sorrow and pain as the True Parent, True Father and True Mother, to the whole of humanity.

Having a Christian background, Philippines could easily absorb the Divine Principle and so by the time I started college in 1984, full time missionaries in high spirits were already active in major cities including Baguio City, where I met my spiritual mother. Interestingly, my spiritual mother was already working in a government agency when she met the UM. She quit her comfortable job and volunteered as Unification Church Missionary, got assigned in Baguio where we met. Indeed, our destinies are not just results of random events. Behind each of our past, is God's painstaking, DESPERATE, effort to reach out to each of us, God's DIVINE sons and daughters. We're not just here as sons and daughters of our physical parents, we're above all, SPIRITUAL BEINGS whom God wants to embrace ETERNALLY in His bosom.

What exactly is HEAVEN? It is a world of PURE LOVE. Every cell of your body feels profound JOY that all you can think of is just sing and praise God with deep deep gratitude. In such glorious state, there's no worry, no pain, no guilt, no sin, it's just pure HEAVEN. This is the world that our saints, sages, heroes and martyrs have been longing for and this is the world where our True Parents want to bequeath to ALL Humanity. Simply put, Heaven have to be substantialized here on Earth. When each and every family becomes God's ideal family, then it would indeed be D-Day for Heaven and Earth.

Wish every blessed family, love, peace and joy. 

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