The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

Of All of Heaven and of Earth, I, alone, am the Honored One

Edna Pang-oden Yamaguchi
May 16, 2011

Actually, because of my struggles with my blessed family, coupled with the "scandal" in the True Family at that time, Un Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim et al, I can't help asking God, "Now, my ideal of the True Family is lost. How can I witness now? How can I testify to our True Parents, now?" I can say that as I witnessed True Father perform the "Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship" in Jan. 13, 2001, I felt PROUD once more for True Parents, and thought, "Indeed, True Father is the most filial son to God."

Fresh from the 21-day blessed wives seminar and Registration Blessing in Chung Pyung, I joined my husband in his first church assignment in Gunma on January 2001. It was, really, a hard internal battle right from the start. I was 6 months pregnant with our second child and I just found myself in circumstances where I felt/thought so differently, with so many struggles/barriers in my heart. Later I realized, yes, I was passing through that place' historical problems and all I could do was to pray for God's intervention. I was very much worried I might give birth to a severely deformed child because of severe stress. Thanks to Heaven, my child came out normal.

June came and True Father asked the whole worldwide Unification Church to offer devotions/prayer conditions for Cosmic Pentecost. I never imagined that I could benefit greatly from that worldwide condition I felt like the whole Unification Church offered condition for my liberation. For three years since I came to Japan, all I could ask God was to allow me to go back home to Philippines. With Heaven's wise maneuverings, I just felt totally liberated from my aches, pains, resentments, self-pity etc. and I could feel "free" once more. So many liberating, enlightening experiences, I've had in that small church of Ota City. I could never imagine that I could be hit by Heaven's spotlight, that I could have the Grace of being able to experience what Buddha and Jesus have experienced where I felt like, "Of all of Heaven and of Earth, I, alone, am the Honored one." Also experience what True Father once said, "If you have true love, you can traverse the whole galaxy in less than a minute."

Indeed, if we only allow God to direct our lives, then He can show us the highest Heavens and the lowest realm of hell so we can become God's emissaries who can testify about God, Heaven and our True Parents.

Because of the hellish spiritual VOID that followed after my GLORIOUS experience of getting bathed with God's overflowing, overwhelming, over-intoxicating LOVE in 1991, I tried to ignore that memory for 10 yrs. It was only after my liberating experiences in 2001, after 3 years of hell here in Japan, that I could understand that, yes, my glorious Heaven and intolerable hellish experiences in 1991 was Heaven's work, after all. Thanks to BOTH God and Satan. 

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