The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

God and True Parents are ONE

Edna Pang-oden Yamaguchi
May 16, 2011

My liberating/enlightening experiences in 2001 was not a mere series of random events. It was PERFECTLY planned and carried out by Heaven so that I could come to fully understand that indeed, "God and True Parents are ONE. God, True Parents and Humanity are ONE."

I could gain liberation ONLY, after my husband received Heavenly hits directly from True Father during celebration of the "Day of God's Eternal Blessing" on July 1, 2001. His co-church leaders, elders were very envious of my husband wondering how come True Father is focusing only on my husband. At that time, I was there in Ota Church desperately praying to God to free me from all of those struggles in my heart, most especially in my struggle against my husband.

Being a new leader and having received special hits from True Father, my husband has become even more enthusiastic in his mission and again demanding for MORE donations, in a rather "fearful" way. Our members can't help but struggle and started to talk among themselves. This is when I had to desperately pray for 3 days / nights asking God to protect our members. I knew I had to do something to make my husband, the church leader, more peaceful and more reasonable so that he wouldn't end up killing (spiritually) all of our members, God and True Parents' most precious children. That's when I made a real heart-felt letter for my husband and for one member. Those 2 letters were no ordinary letter. Those letters came as a result of my 3 days / 3 nights of tearful / desperate prayer. Those letters effectively mellowed my husband and really brought some fresh air to our small church.

I never planned to bring those letters out but as we all know, the Sept. 11, 2011 terror that hit the World Trade Center in New York, Father was very angry at that time and again blamed Japan church telling the leaders, "It's your fault!" Our ever humble Japan church members again offered indemnity conditions, bowing, praying and donations. I just felt I had to release those letters and so I just passed it to Today's World office. They didn't seem to have wasted any time as Dae Mo Nim / Hoon Mo Nim came to Gunma Pref. 

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