The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

Inspirations 2

Edna Yamaguchi
August 26, 2011

Sun Myung Moon and family, May 15, 2011

Looks like, there's no stopping to Janet Salazar-Tadenuma's VIP Outreach here in Northern Nagano, Japan. Not only with her Japanese language teachers, she is also gaining a firm ground in her neighborhood and town. Since her first son entered elementary school, her son's classmates kept on coming to their apartment to play after class. One friend happened to be a grandchild of their town's vice mayor.

Janet was able to distribute Father's Autobiography to the parents including the vice mayor and last week, she managed to have them drink the holy wine as she testified about True Parents and the Blessing. Our church leader (Korean) is really inspired calling our witnessing efforts, "Philippine Power". What makes me really wonder is that, Janet is barely 3 years here in Japan, can't speak fluent Japanese yet but she's really gaining fruits in her witnessing here in Japan. She made her own witnessing manual with True Parents picture and her Blessing, matching photos.

In my case as well, we've made a breakthrough in our tribal witnessing last year after the release of the Japanese version of Father's Autobiography. I was able to give the copies to my husband's 3 siblings and also last week, I was able to give copies to my father-in-law's 4 siblings. They all came to commemorate the passing of my father-in-law. Just really hope through Father's Autobiography and through our service and sacrifice, we could bring God's Love to our tribe and also clear the name of True Parents here in Japan.

Up to this time, Father can't come to Japan as he's been denied of entry visa since 1993. Really hope this time, we could finally "break the wall". Things are getting hopeful, though. We already have a postage stamp of True Parents here in Japan. Before we know it, we might just be able to gather face-to- face with True Parents here in Japan.

All in all, circumstances are getting very favorable. Suddenly, my husband is able to restore his relationship with his elder sister, who's quite "negative" with Unification Church. Guess, our clan and our whole neighborhood are happy and inspired to welcome us back with our four lovable kids. Kind of "fresh air" for them, I think. The best thing really is "natural witnessing". We make good relationship, first in our blessed family, then from there we can reach out to the outside world with our warm loving hearts.

Success to all of our endeavors.

Always ITPN,


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