The Words of the Yamaguchi Family


Edna Yamaguchi
September 3, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, May 24, 2011

Sometimes, we become victims of our own way of thinking, mental patterns which originates from our childhood and even deeper down our lineage with all of its limitations, immaturities and ignorance to God's Truth and LOVE.

I, myself, was an extra-strict perfectionist, cruelly righteous person, but I've changed 180 degrees after I had a taste of God's OVERFLOWING, OVERWHELMING, OVER-INTOXICATING LOVE. Indeed, EXPERIENCE is the best teacher. This is why True Father keeps on pushing us, urging us to get out of our comfort zones, reach out to the utmost extremes because that is the only place where we could meet God and True Parents, HEART-to-HEART.

I could understand limitations and fallen natures. I could forgive mistakes because God, Himself/Herself, have forgiven me, cleansed me of my sins, my guilts, fears, worries, resentments, all of those baggages to the spirit so that I could be FREE, free to love, serve and sacrifice without any barrier in my heart.

What is life without LOVE? It's just the same as death. We were born from LOVE, we were meant to live and die for LOVE. Let us fill our homes with LOVE, let our children feel God's LOVE through us that they could grow up to become freely loving spirits who could transform this world into a world of LOVE.

Wish us all Heavenly Wisdom and Heavenly Fortune.

Always in LOVE,


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