The Words of the Yamaguchi Family

Knowing where we stand on Hyun Jin Moon

Edna P. Yamaguchi
October 1, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, Kook Jin Moon, and Hyung Jin Moon, August 21, 2011

Humanistically speaking, I have no problem with Hyun Jin Nim's GPF activities. They're not teaching people to commit crimes, fornicate or kill people. They're teaching people to seek for higher ideals.

Providentially, though, we understand that whatever is happening now is a great INSULT to Heaven's authority, a SLAP to God and True Parents' face. So, what shall we do now? Shall we curse them to death, to eternal fire, to the bottomless pit?

I'd say, Evil is relative NOT absolute. Even Satan was formerly an angel, God's younger brother, True Father said? And isn't Hyun Jin Nim, a "son" of True Parents? Lucifer became Satan only after the birth of Adam and Eve. He just felt a lessening of God's love. So, whom shall we blame? I'd say that we should blame everything to "immaturity" and "ignorance to God's overflowing, overwhelming, over-intoxicating LOVE". If I didn't have a taste of God's overflowing, overwhelming, over-intoxicating LOVE, I would have remained an extra-strict perfectionist, self-righteous person like most in the Hyun Jin Nim group. I could humble myself because I got filled with God's LOVE, early in my life of faith.

Now, we have the Hyun Jin Nim group, who couldn't seem to see even an inch in front of them. They're just totally overwhelmed by their inner turmoil, fears and insecurities, in short, they're devoid of God's LOVE. Is it their fault? Man is a RESULTANT being. The God of LOVE, the Uncaused Cause, takes full responsibility for fallen man. Let us strive to RESEMBLE God and become an absolute, eternal wellspring of LOVE, like the sun shining brightly all throughout the ages without expecting anything in return.

If we just focus our attention to the resultant, evil actions, we can never see others' original value. Let's try our best to look at the CAUSE, then we'll come to reach the innermost CORE of God's Heart. Let's strive to break through the limitations in our hearts and wail out to God to forgive and liberate the Hyun Jin Nim group so that all walls in their hearts could break down and that they could find their way back to True Parents.

Wish everyone Heavenly Wisdom and Heavenly Fortune. Let's make God and True Parents proud of their eternal sons and daughters, that includes US.

Always ITPN,


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