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Ancestor liberation and Blessing -- 210 Generations

Remy Yoneyama
April 23, 2011

From what I heard during the 45 days I was in Chung Pyung: after Dae Mo Nim wraps up her speaking tour in Japan next month, she will start her worldwide tour. Members from different countries may have a chance to liberate their ancestors up to the 210th generation. I'm not sure about the fees needed when liberation ceremonies are held in other countries, so I suggest you contact Christian in the International office in Chung Pyung or whoever is assigned in the US, or countries where Dae Mo Nim will go to. Please check the Chung Pyung website for more detailed official information...

Why 210 Generations? I asked one of the leaders/lecturers: he said that it is almost near the 6000 years of fallen generations...our ancestors can only become one in heart with God when they are absolute good spirits... even though our Heavenly Father wanted very much to embrace them, if they are not blessed by their descendants (us members), it will not happen.... God is absolute and unchanging... and His will is also absolute and unchanging.... God didn't change, only His children changed (fallen lineage).... as long as the original sin is still in our liberated ancestors... we are the only hope of our ancestors and God and True Parents are waiting for us to fulfill that portion of responsibility..

God's Will must be completed by January 13, 2013, we should help our True Parents accomplish that will.

I was also curious: what happens to us who cannot accomplish this 210 gen. liberations, or for some who doesn't believe in the Chung Pyung providence: One of the famous lecturer told me this: True Parents already gave us the words: must make our ancestors absolute good spirits...

God and True Parents, although love us absolutely, cannot do anything if our own ancestors accuse us by making us sick, incapable of doing things, or even take us to the spirit world because we are no longer worthy of our lives here on earth, because we do not believe our True Parents words...and who will liberate us in the Spirit World if we don't have descendants who believe in True Parents?

In other words, in my own understanding, God and True Parents are protecting us from what would our ancestors do to us in the is very fearful, but we cannot see it because our spiritual eyes are not opened yet.

There are more explanations to this: Summarizing the path we have to follow as citizens of Cheon Il Guk: (from the speech Cheon Il Guk is the ideal Heavenly Kingdom of Eternal Peace, June 13, 2006, Cheon Jeong Peace Palace)

1. God is the vertical True Parent, and you are the true children of God, you will establish the realm of three generations in your for the sake of others...

2. No matter what the situation, you will live with your mind and body united as one.. God has given you a conscience as your guide in accomplishing this objective.

3. The unification of the Spirit World has been completed. Educate the 6.5 billion people living on earth in their physical bodies. Bring them home as people of Cheon Il Guk.

4. You must devote your earthly life to preparing yourself for the next stage of life in the Spirit World. Your ancestors in the Spirit World are with you.....Communicate in prayer with the heavenly world with sincerity and dedication, so that you may become perfected in your spirit self while you are living on the earth.

5. Your talents and abilities are required for the management and governance of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, cut away and cast off your mask of selfish individualism now. It is but a remnant of the era before the coming of heaven.

6. Have the wisdom to protect and love nature.

7. You have the mission to make this era blossom and bear fruit in blessing and glory. Please become Heaven's emissaries, fulfilling the dual missions of the Peace Kingdom Police Force and Peace Kingdom Corps.. Serve humanity under the banner of the Universal Peace Federation.

Please become true princes and princesses who live in attendance to God as your vertical True Parent, for He is the Peace King of the multitudes.

Additional notes from Dae Mo Nim's words (I forgot to write the date, my apologies):

God and True Parents gave us many blessings: as blessed members, as citizens of Cheon Il Guk (through the Registration Blessing), but still many members fell and made many mistakes... so we have the forgiveness Workshop and Ceremony, we were given the Holy Wine many times to restore ourselves to where we can become one in heart with God and True Parents... we even say...Holy Wine....again? without knowing it's value and sacredness...

Members are really very sincere, making lots of devotions and prayers....but many problems still exist, even the 2nd and 3rd blessed generations, they have many difficulties and problems that they want to solve... God is always with us, for each and every person...

But our ancestors who are not yet liberated are complaining, and the works of the evil spirits are damaging the members' hearts, spirits, and bodies... everyday... make us complain and have no hope, thereby causing us to leave God and True Parents...

We must finish our ancestor liberation and bless them, also remove the evil spirits from our bodies, we cannot live on the foundation of fallen natures.

Don't rationalize the Divine Principle, but live according to the Divine Principle... new beginnings need to be done...don't blame God, only yourself...

Tell members to do ALC by 2012, not only for the ancestors going to heaven, but to clear up God's ancestors' lineage and for the members to be free from the accusations of the Spirit World, and therefore they can live absolutely in the realm of God's loving embrace, receive heavenly fortune and Blessing... go to the direction of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience need to follow and accept True Father words, attendance to them must change our unprincipled lifestyles with goodness, witnessing is important..

My apologies for such a long response, but I hope this will help many of us on the importance of the ALC and ABC.



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