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Currently, how far has the providential parallel of history of restoration come?

Remy Yoneyama
April 25, 2011

Special Lecture on the Divine Principle by Pres. Gil Ja Sa Eu (based on True Father's words on the Divine Principle) from the House of Unification for World Peace (A Textbook for the Education of Principle Lecturers)

Providential Parallel

National dispensation of Forty for the Separation of Satan for the Cosmic-level Restoration of Canaan

1st Providential course

1905 -- 1945 (40 years as a colony of Japan) Eulsa Treaty

For Korea to become a nation to fit to receive the Messiah, it had to make a national indemnity condition and fulfill a national dispensation of forty for the separation of Satan for the cosmic-level restoration of Canaan.

If Christ returns to Korea, the Korean people are destined to become the Third Israel. In the Old Testament Age, the descendants of Abraham who upheld God's Will and endured persecution in Egypt were the First Israel. the Christians, who were persecuted as heretics by the Jews as they honored the resurrected Jesus and carried on the providence of restoration, were the second Israel. Then the Korean people, who will attend the returning restoration, became the Third Israel. The returning Christ is likely to be similarly condemned as a heretic by the Christians of his time.

If so, God will have Christ and support him to complete the third chapter of God's providence, will become the Third Israel.

The First Israel suffered four hundred years in Egypt. This was to fulfill a dispensation of forty for the separation of Satan as required to set out on the national course to restore Canaan. The Second Israel had to prevail over the four hundred years of persecution in the Roman Empire to fulfill a dispensation of forty for the separation of Satan, as required to commence the worldwide course for the restoration of Canaan.

As the Third Israel, the Korean people had also to suffer under a nation on Satan's side for a period which fulfills the number forty. Thereby, they could fulfill a dispensation of forty for the separation of Satan as required to commence the cosmic-level course to restore Canaan. This was the forty-year period during which Korea suffered untold hardships as a colony of Japan.

Through the Eulsa Treat (Japan-Korea Protectorate Treaty) of 1905, Japan's Foreign Ministry assumed complete control of Korea's foreign affairs and in 1910, Japan annexed Korea. In 1918, the First World War ended, and on March 1st, 1919, the Mansei Demonstration took place. Ten months later, on January 6th, 1920 (lunar calendar) Rev. Moon (True Father) was born. The first chapter of the cosmic period of indemnity centered on the number forty ended when, on August 15th, 1945, Korea declared its independence.

The 2nd and 3rd Cosmic Course for the Restoration of Canaan

(from the diagram)

2nd Providential course 1945 -- 1985 (40 year prolongation, Christian Opposition)

1945 -- Messiah appears

1948 -- Republic of Korea is established

1952 -- Kingdom of heaven on earth (eldest sonship, Parentship and kingship should have been restored)

3rd Providential course 1985 -- 2012

1985 -- Danbury; and founding of Washington Times (conservative)

1988 -- Seoul Olympics (Jacob-Esau united); and October 3 (Foundation Day for the Nation of Unified World) (Eldest Sonship restored)

1990 -- Meeting with Gorbachev

1991 -- Meeting with Kim Il Sung

1992 -- Founding of WFWP (Chairman: True Mother) (Restore Parentship)

1998 -- June 13, Blessing of 4 great saints and 33 great criminals

1999 -- March 21, Satan surrenders

2000 -- Restoration of kinship planned

2001 -- January 13th, Coronation for the Kingship of God

2006 -- June 13th, entrance into Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

2012 -- Completion of God's Will which will/must be realized on

2013, January 13

Explanations for the 2nd and 3rd cosmic Course:

After the end of the Second World War in 1945, Rev. Moon (True Father) was to be proclaimed as Lord of the Second Advent. However, because Christianity, which was to attend the Messiah, opposed and persecuted him, he could not fulfill his messianic mission and the providence was prolonged another 40 years. In order to accomplish the providence, Rev. Moon has walked the path of hardship and went to Danbury Penitentiary in 1985. Had Christianity followed and united with him in 1945, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth would have been established 7 years later, in 1952.

1) Rev. Moon has to work providentially in the US. This is because he has to realize God's Will there as it is the providentially central nation where the three sons (Judaism, Christianity, Unification Church) who uphold God as Father all coexist.

Rev. Moon went to the US and pointed out that the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross due to the disbelief of the Jews was wrong, and proclaimed that the way of the cross was by no means God's will. Due to these proclamations, the two religions in the elder brother position began an intense opposition and persecution. In an attempt to oust the Unification Church, which was in the position of the younger brother, Rev. Moon was put in jail at Danbury penitentiary.

However, when he received the report of the persecution by the two elder brothers, he said "My position is similar to that of Joseph. His ten brothers born of a different mother were jealous of the love he received from Jacob and sold him to Egyptian merchants. I spite of this, Joseph did not loathe his brothers but forgave them and received them with love. During the entire time he was away from home, Joseph never forgot about familial life with Jacob and constantly longed for his father. thinking of him, Joseph invited his brothers and their families and helped them live comfortably.

Prior to the second advent, the Jews were the chosen people and stood in the position of eldest son before God. While worshipping the only God, they walked the most miserable path of suffering in history and endured the harsh persecution of polytheistic nations for 4,000 years to give birth to Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion, Christianity stood in the position of second son and it has had the wretched history of shedding the blood of martyrdom for 2,000 years.

Based on the two elder brother's 6,000 year history of suffering, the advent of the Messiah was possible. Due to this relationship and in order to stop the Communist plan of having two religions submit to Communism in the US, Rev. Moon founded the famous conservative newspaper, The Washington Times, and using vast amount of money, prevented Communism from infiltrating into the US. Similarly, the elder brothers tried to chase the younger brother away, but because the latter loved the elder brothers, Rev. Moon was victorious at Danbury penitentiary. Following his release, Rev. Moon, who stood in the position of third son, restored the position of first son and fulfilled the restoration of the birthright of eldest son. God cannot dispense the providence unless through the firstborn son, and according to Rev. Moon, the spiritual world began to cooperate entirely from this moment.

2) The Republic of Korea was established in 1948. Based on this providential parallel, 40 years later, during the 1988 Seoul Olympic games, Rev. Moon, who stood in the position of Jacob, invited the athletes who came from all around the world (including those from Communist countries such as countries in eastern Europe and the USSR) on three occasions to the Little Angels Performing Arts Center. the athletes, who stood in the position of 2nd Esau, were welcomed, offered precious gifts, and given a report of the activities Rev. Moon had done selflessly and with love for the sake of world peace. The invitees were deeply impressed by Father Moon's philosophy of peace which is loving even your enemies; and on the 3rd invitation, athletes from the USSR who had previously declined to come, offered a medal to Rev. Moon, fulfilling the providence whereby Jacob and Esau become united. Centered on this victory, Rev. Moon declared the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (currently Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified Cosmos).

3) In 1990, premier Gorbachev met and united with Rev. Moon. In 1991, Kim Il Sung met with Rev. Moon, becoming one with him, made the promised to work together for the reunification of Korea. This is because China, the USSR and North Korea were deeply impressed with Rev. Moon's peace philosophy of loving even your enemies. In 1986, Rev. Moon had established the Panda motor company China to help the Chinese economy and allotted most of the generated profit to be used there. In 1989, the famous 'Tiananmen Square protests' took place and seeing thousands of people being massacred in Tiananmen Square, foreign companies withdrew their investments and left the country. Even in this situation, Rev. Moon directed that our company had to maintain its investment. He helped China during its financial difficulties even though during the Korean War, China had supported North Korea with one million communist forces and was an enemy country to South Korea. This was because China had the providential responsibility of fulfilling the role of the Archangel nation. As there were no more communists on earth who aimed at the lives of True Parents, Rev. Moon founded the Women's Federation for World Peace, appointed True Mother as president, and restored the Parentship by declaring the True Parents. (speech below)

4) The last remaining task was the restoration of the kingship (planned for 2000). By blessing the four great saints and the 33 great criminals on June 13th, 1998, Rev. Moon established equality between heaven and hell and liberated God. On March 21st, 1999, Satan finally surrendered and in 2000, through the 21-day Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony, he established the providence to restore the kingship. On January 13th, 2001, True Parents held the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. Originally, the providence for the restoration of the kingship was planned for 2000, but was delayed in three terms of 4 years from 2004 to 2008 to 2012. At that time, True Parents are to completely fulfill God's providence. However, because the coronation ceremony for the kingship of God was held in 2001, God's Will must be completed in 2013, which is an extension of three times four years.

The establishment of the elder sonship, Parentship, and kingship is referred to as "heavenly Parentism". Originally, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, Heavenly Parentism would have been established but, due to the human fall, it could not be so. Jesus Christ came to establish it but could not entirely fulfill this providence and with the second coming, True Parents came and accomplished Heavenly Parentism. Similarly, parallels of providential history are repeating themselves without fail and are being transmitted down even today.

Excerpt from Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon's speech (1992):
"Women Who Are to Become the Leaders of the Ideal World"

The mission of the Messiah and savior is to teach the way to cleanse the tangled history of sin that came about because humanity lost the way of the true parent, true couple and true children. I would like to take this opportunity to proclaim before the entire world that during his entire life, my husband, the Rev, Sun Myung Moon, has pioneered the path of the Messiah and True Parent. As you well know, my husband, Rev. Moon has pioneered the future of humanity by revealing God's purpose of creation and by investigating the original sin committed by humanity's ancestors in spite of tremendous persecution and oppression from the evil world.

True Father speech (Nov. 3, 1994)

Originally, it (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) was meant to be established between 1945 and 1952. However, due to the persecution of Christianity, the providence was prolonged for 40 years. In 1992, centering on True Mother and together with the proclamation of the era of women, True Parents, standing on a similar level, entered the (mother's) era where they could stand before heaven anew.

I was faced with having to indemnify in 400 years the 4,000 year history that began with Jacob's family. Rev. Moon cannot live for 400 years. The feasible time was 40 years.....In order to indemnify the history in one period of 40 years, 4,000 years of history have been indemnified in 40 years.

These are the complete explanations that I have regarding the Cosmic course providential parallels. I will send the other Chapters (Resurrection and Principle of Restoration) later. Thank you for reading. 

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