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The reason why True Parents proclaims victory through many rallies

Remy Yoneyama
May 8, 2011

Source: Special Lecture on the Divine Principle (by Gil Ja Sa Eu) (based on True Father's words on the Divine Principle) House of Unification for World Peace (given to the CP BW 40 days WS)

Adam's Family: (Cain and Abel)

True Father has walked the path of loving Cain first so that the latter may not complain and submit voluntarily to Abel.

Noah's Family:

After the flood, Noah should have assembled the 8 members of his family and proclaimed the victory of the flood in order for Satan not to invade. (To his family: "Whatever mistakes you may commit in the future, my victory of the 40 day flood will stand strong.") Saying this would have been akin to tying a knot that prevents Satan from invading.) However, because Noah did not proclaim the victory, True Father said that the condition where Satan could invade was established. This is the reason why True Father proclaims victory through many rallies.

True Father said that Noah's lying drunk and naked or Abraham lying that his wife was his sister were not acts of their own volition. Through these actions, the providence to subjugate Satan was being executed and both men unconsciously acted as ordered by God.

Abraham's Family:

Jacob united with his elder brothers and paved the model course to subjugate Satan. However, deceiving the elder brother was not the principled way and because of Satan's accusation, Jacob walked the difficult path of toiling for 21 years in Haran and fighting with the angel.

The principled way consisted of touching the heart of Esau and have him submit voluntarily. In order to walk the principled way of making Satan surrender voluntarily, True Father walks the path of suffering.

The course of Moses:

Moses was a patriot, but unable to control his anger, he killed an Egyptian and thus had to walk the path of suffering. Had he controlled his anger and waited, he would have become the king of Egypt as the adopted son of the princess since the Pharaoh had no heirs. Had this happened, he would not have had to walk the path of exodus with numerous Jews and other people numbering over 600,000. (True Father said that giving in to self-centered anger results in one being unable to be respected by one's conscience and thereby failing to complete one's objective.)

The commandments of Moses are not something the Jews could be proud of. The Jewish people were faithless on so many occasions that Satan invaded them and the commandments were made to prevent Satan from reaching God. The Almighty was unable to guide the Jews directly with His Word and instead had to guide them indirectly back to Him through the commandments. 

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