The Words of the Zahedi Family

 Table of Contents

Iran: The Fruit Of Struggle (Essi Zahedi - October 1982)

The Strong Hand Of God (Essi Zahedi - November 1982)

Following "Mahdi's Revolution" -- Our Mission in Iran (Essi Zahedi - February 1985)

In Memorium Kobra Maman Zahedi (Susan Fefferman - March 8, 2012)

Movement, Church or Passing Fad? (Essi Zahedi - June 8, 2012)

Challenges of Islam in America forum organized by Essi Zahedi and Abdou Gaye (Cabot W. Peterson - April 17, 2016 pdf)

Essi Zahedi and Abdou Gaye's Forum at SUNY New Paltz on Islamophobia (Cabot W. Peterson - November 18, 2016 pdf)

The Five Pillars of Religion (Esfand Zahedi - October 3, 2021 pdf)

The Abundance Mentality, with Biblical References (Esfand Zahedi - October 9, 2022 pdf)

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