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Raffy Ablong
November 24, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In behalf of Rev. and Mrs. Funami, our Japan National Messiah to the Philippines; Brother Reuben Cruz, FilJap National Leader and Eastern Japan Leader and Brother Jess Mariano, FilJap Western Leader; I would like to thank you so much for your hard work and sacrifice to build an ideal family while supporting Godís Providence in the Philippines.

I received bilingual information about the status of our financial support for the Global Peace Rally in the Philippines from December 11-13th, 2007. We only have about 2 weeks and a few days left for the rally. Right now, we still need Y1,100,000 to reach our goal for the rallyís financial support.

Let us try our best to contribute whatever we have. In the end, it does not really matter how much we give but how much heart and sacrifice we invest to produce the amount for the Providence. Our family members in the Philippines are also doing their best to accomplish all the conditions, preparations and mobilizations for the rally's success. They even have to set internal conditions of prayer and even natural fasting and skip meals for this rally's success.

Dr. Michael Zablan, our UM National Leader, said during his visit here recently in Tokyo that this rally will put the Philippines as a Daughter Nation more actively in the global providential work of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth of Love and Peace. In a way, we are the primary initiator of this effort to achieve world peace.

Like you, my family is also encountering financial problems, but we see these problems as minute but necessary for the accomplishment of our mission here in Japan. We all want to give our best for our beloved country but we can only do so much as well.

We believe that we can still do more aside from our prayers, hopes, dreams and inspirational communications with our brothers and sisters. There are things that we can still sacrifice for the greater good and it is up to us to decide which of these things we could still sacrifice at this point so we can give more. I hope that you will find these things there, too.

True Father said, "He who bears the indemnity of the world will receive both the blessing which is due to the world and the blessing due to him". And, "God always sent those whom He trusted most through the steepest way. This is why many people He loved were sacrificed."

Let us comfort Godís suffering heart by doing our best in this effort. Let us be patient and let us be hopeful that whatever we contribute will cease the wars and solve the suffering, hunger, climate, social, economic, political, religious, family and selfish problems of the world by starting with this noble objective of fulfilling our part of the burden to hold the rally for God and the world.

Please, let us do our best to accomplish our goal and offer everything to God with a thankful and grateful heart that we can participate in this World Providence.

Sincerely yours,

Raffy Ablong

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