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Hyun Jin Nim Visits Mindanao on March 4-5, 2009

Raffi Ablong
February 20, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hyun Jin Nim, Co-Chairman for the Universal Peace Federation and Founder of the Global Peace Festival is scheduled to visit Mindanao, Philippines, from March 4-5, 2009. His itinerary for Mindanao includes a visit to the Peace Village in Tubod, Lanao del Norte on March 4th and a Hoon Dok Hae service with members coming from all parts of Mindanao in Cagayan de Oro City the following morning.

The venue for the Hoon Dok Hae with HJN on March 5th in Cagayan de Oro will be announced later. Since this HDH with HJN will be attended by members from all over southern Philippines, monetary support from overseas Filipino members especially those coming from Mindanao are needed to finance their transportation and accommodation expenses.

This was announced by Mrs. Grace Mayo, Mindanao FFWPU Director. She said that Hyun Jin Nim will be accompanied by Rev. and Mrs. Kwak (Co-Chairman of UPF), Rev. and Mrs. Yong (UM Continental Directors for Asia), Dr. Michael Zablan, National Leader of the Unification Movement in the Philippines, other VIPs and leaders coming from the government and non-governmental organizations.

Spearheaded by Grace Mayo, coordinated planning and massive preparations in Mindanao are underway to guarantee the safety, security and success of Hyun Jin Nim's visit. If you recall, this visit has been long expected after the meeting of Hyun Jin Nim with the son of Nur Misuari, the acknowledged leader of the Moro National Liberation Front facilitated by the former Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives, Jose De Venecia. That initial meeting between sons of peace advocates became one of the historical highlights of the first Global Peace Festival in Manila in December 2007.

That historical meeting was followed by the unopposed and well-supported plan of building a Peace Village in Mindanao, where different cultures can exist and be mutually respected and studied with the ideology of peace and Unificationism taught by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.. The implementation of that plan has basically turned the island into a model for inter-religious dialogue and reconciliation all over the world. To this date, it is fast becoming one of the indisputable hallmarks of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's administration's diplomatic offensive for peace in the island. Furthermore, she has obviously made it a primary model for inter-religious peace and development at the UN so other nations in the world may follow the Philippine example.

Well-meaning peace advocates, especially, overseas Filipino members who come from Mindanao are requested to send their financial contributions to support this very historical event. Financially supporting your tribal members so that they can attend the HDH with HJN on March 5th in Cagayan de Oro City is the best that you can do from where you are now. 

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