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Fukuoka Clean-Up Project

Raffy Ablong
May 1, 2009

Dear Ethel and Everyone,

Thanks for all your inspirations. Yes, it's Golden Week in Japan!!

This Golden Week has become more important to us here in Fukuoka because of two things that happened today:

1) We did a Clean Up Activity with our 2nd generation and

2) Manny Pacquiao won his sixth world championship in 5 boxing divisions!!

Take a look at the pictures for the clean-up activity that we did today by visiting our FilJap Fukuoka Homepage at I also have attached 3 photos here just in case. There are other families here and we hope to have them get involved with this kind of project in the future.

Our second generation of Filipino-Japanese blessed children here in Fukuoka did a wonderful cleaning activity at a park that is relatively adjacent to John Santillan's residence in Higashi-ku. We actually talked about doing this project about two weeks ago with a different place in mind. Fortunately, one of the elders of John's place in Maidashi-ku requested us to clean the park close to their place instead.

We started our activity a little after 7 am with the village elder welcoming us. There were a few children who were already playing at the park and there was an elder woman who watch on us do the activity. They were so thankful and grateful that we could come together with our families and do this wonderful activity for everyone.

Just by the look at their faces, we could see their deep gratitude and thanks to our small group. In particular, they are amazed at how we educate our children to do something great for the community and the environment.

As parents, we need to do that not just for them ultimately but for other people, society, nation and the world. True Father said that "what we should stress from now on in the field of education is tradition, education and practice." (SMM's Philosophy of Education, p45). And so, we came out with this tradition of living for the sake of others and a good education to love God, Love Humankind and Love the Earth in order to actualize it in this community today.

As blessed central families we need these activities to develop our children's public-mindedness through public service. Working for our respective families' physical sustenance is good but training our second generation to develop their natural ability to serve other people is better. We need to educate them through various means. Not just this one, not just now.

The activity that we did was basically to develop their public-mindedness and love for the environment. Aside from showing unity of purpose and direction through action to affirming their internal education as blessed children. We finished this clean up activity today with a picture-taking session and an outdoor game session for children. John's wife, Masayo, provided the snacks and John took care of the transportation and preparation requirements.

We hope that you will enjoy the pictures and we also hope that you could share with us the activities that you are doing in your area next time.

Thanks a lot for your time and inspirations.


Raffy, John and Joey 

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