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Unificationist Experience Part 3: Saturating the Web with Good Content

Rafael Enriquez Ablong
July 26, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is time for great changes. Here in Japan, I can see and smell the air of change. There is a remarkable increase of people wanting to change the political leadership of this country and the way things are being done, studied or implemented.

Just this month, we read a report about Japan Church leader's resignation and his replacement with a more strong and indomitable, credible and influential leader. I heard that just by the look of this new leader's face, policemen will just literally be at peace with us. I don't know how true that is but let us keep it that way. Truth or not, we have a new face, a new look and along with that, we have to adopt new methodologies and approaches to be safe and successful, too. We have to change, too, by adopting to the changes that are going on without losing our identity and principles.

In the Philippines, we have rallies here and there, cases filed against drug traffickers, illegal recruiters, video scam, road scam, and lately the simmering issue of President Arroyo's last SONA. There is also this video footage of alleged FilAm NPA trainee, Melissa Roxas, aka Ka Melissa, who is now complaining about the brutality of her torture in the hands of her "military" captors. That video circulated by our dear brother Jun Alcover, obviously puts the complainant's secret communist life in focus. This video problem didn't stop with her, it became the starting point of an argument shown on GMA TV at the House of Congress. If you remember I sent you a video about ANAD party list representative, Pastor Jun Alcover and Major General Jovito Palparan, arguing with Alliance of Concerned Teachers party-list Congressman Tinio. I tried finding the video again today at the GMA video site and it's not there anymore. What? That video disappeared either by chance or on purpose. Or maybe, it's my mistake. Maybe, I haven't looked hard enough. Anyway, that's what it was all about. Communism and democracy in the halls of power are a perpetually bothersome issue. Changes, charges and challenges are all chances for development and progress.

So many things, here and there but we should never be taken elsewhere. Our goal remains the same and in cyberspace, our goal should be to saturate and ultimately dominate it with good, healthy content.

There are so many things that you can do from where you are right now. Instead of just seating down and reading the web's content, why won't you try reacting to whatever content that you find distasteful or unpalatable? I am sure that somewhere in your comment, you would have a word or two from the Principle or from True Parents speeches about love, life, idealism and reality. That could be a change for change to come in, a spark plug that will initiate a new beginning.

The other thing that we can opt to do is to make a blog. Try something new. If you haven't done blogging before then it's high time to start blogging today. Blog about your blessed family life, how you look at things, what you think life is all about, where the world is headed, what is our future, what do you think about global warming, the El Nino phenomenon, etcetera. Let us not be censored by our by narrow-minded views of life, sad or traumatic experiences and even sudden disappointments. We can go out, do mission and have fun. After all, life is finding happiness in what we do.

It's summer vacation right now so I have time for updating my sites and tinkering a little of my budgeted time for wholesome fun and adventure on the web. Like most people this time, I am affected by the economic downturn and so I really have to focus on life's essentials and prepare for the great work ahead of me starting August. We have some brothers in Japan who are either losing their job or cutting their working time. But these external things are not enough to bother us although they make us scratch our body parts here and there.

Some of us might still be busy looking for jobs or trying to keep our present jobs look good and productive so we would be retained. I think that there also other people who just cannot help but watch and see how things unfold at the moment while doing whatever they can in other ways to influence and gather more people to build the Kingdom. You can do these blogs, too, if you try. Remember, a journey always starts with a step. How big or how small that step is depends on each of us.

These are the following sites that I am maintaining now. They are meant to share about my life as a blessed family member, my opinions and useful information to make life better, healthier, more exciting and worth living.

The last two multiply sites are about my other public service activities, the Book Donation Project for Philippine Schools and the Fukuoka Filjap Family

Please visit any of these sites now: Holistic Health and Science Videos This blog is all about helping each other maintain our health and safety. Natural, alternative, oriental and professional medical contributions are welcome. This site only gathers videos and information from different sources and does not prescribed nor recommend any particular knowledge or information for the cure of certain or all kinds of health problems and diseases. Please write a comment in the comment box and do your google searches from my site, too. Enjoy it.

Amazing Things and Survival Vlog (Video Blog) URL: This site presents different videos that I have watched on the web. Especially extraordinary things in life, family and group adventures and hobbies like fishing, camping, sports and the like. I have actually used some of the survival and camping techniques from these videos to teach some of my students at school sometimes. Visit the site and please do your google searches there, too. Inter-Religious Peace Weblog I usually write my personal opinions and reactions about specific world events, theological concepts and ideological premises on this blog. The writings on its wall says it all. Our world needs people who can manifest their belief in God or Allah through good relationships, environmental responsibility and service for peace not just religious doctrines and rhetoric. Religions have so far divided us for many centuries. Let's allow True Love between us to eliminate that division and unite us as brothers and sisters of God's Human Family. We are One Family Under God.


This blog is a collection of articles and videos that I have read and watched for educational purposes. Each video leads you to other videos on the net that you will find useful for your work and studies in management, computers and more. Browse this blog and pick your choice.

Book Donation Project Site

This is the site for my school's book donation project for Philippine schools. I started this project in the year 2001 when I learned that my school was discarding hundreds of good and useful books every year. At first, I had to collect the books myself from teachers who are throwing them away and I used my own money to send those books to our schools in the Philippines even if it was hard for me.

From 2004, the charity committee of the school where I teach started helping me with the collection, and packing. The school started paying the shipment fee in 2007. Now, I don't have to worry about collecting, packing, and sending those books. The school's student councils and civic action committees have volunteered to help. The teachers took responsibility for asking their students to put the books in my collecting area at the gym.

Eventually, I have to choose who is going to do what and when. My brother-in-law, John Santilan, started helping me last year, too. This year 2009, we were able to secure the help of the Filipinos and Friends in Fukuoka (a socio-civic organization led by one of my co-teachers at the school) for used clothes and other small and useful materials for schools and students in the Philippines.

We still have a lot of work to do for this project to continue and stabilize it. But the key here actually is True Parent's teaching "live for the sake of others." If we have the heart to recycle good things for others then we naturally end up helping our environment, too. Just imagine how many trees are cut and how much carbon dioxide and small air pollutants have been produced in making those books. Recycling books will save more trees and will alllow us to help more people. What is garbage for one could be treasure for others.

The project is expanding and its benefactors seem to be more willing to help a lot more this year than previous years. It really took time for this project to get school and public support and I am so thankful to God that the little effort I initially exerted touched the hearts and minds of these people who are helping now.


Our Fukuoka FilJap Family uses this site for posting announcements, photos, reports and reflections. There are four Filipino brothers married to Japanese sisters living with their families in the prefecture. We do a few activities with other international members' here, too.

I also have a facebook account here

Thank you. 

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