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Time to Speak Out: My Response to Pieces of Concern

Raffy Ablong
January 10, 2010

It's the new Year for Unity with True Parents through Their representatives. We should not easily lose our vertical and hierarchical relationships or alignment due to the horrendous results and incredible progress we may have, collectively, achieved so far. There is always a reason to be vigilant for the sake of each other.

What Our Cyberspace Mission Also Means

Resurrecting the issue may have nasty consequences and candid feelings flying shards of needless barbs, fuzzes and buzzes in our heads. But, nonetheless, that has to be done even more than rhetorical silence and doubtful positions at this time. There is no other way we can do this here. Our mission in cyberspace is also to attend to True Parents by attending central figures who are vertically aligned and connected to Them in heart, action, commitment and thoughts.

Making Informed Thoughts and Decisions

Resurrecting the issue may mean re-igniting passions and hyperventilating opinions to make our voices loud and clear. Let us, however, make these inevitable arguments be a reason for us to be more engaged with each other as members of one family under God and True Parents. As long as we deal with each other with respect, we will have the promise of better and more informed thoughts and decisions. We can always celebrate our relationships by appreciating each others' individuality and uniqueness.

Unity and Alignment with True Parents Hierarchy

We have to unite with our new National Leader, Engr. Jun Basuil, and with our Continental Director, Rev. Yong. No matter how others perceive them to be. Let us look at them from God's viewpoint and be very careful to reverse our individual 4 fallen natures. Our primary role is to support our True Parents through our Continental Director and National Central Figure. Let us not let our horizontal feelings get in the way. However, let us make our principled feelings be the source of God and True Parents' pride and happiness. Making our feelings function for kingdom building is also part of being a God-centered person.

This video has shown the following things to me:

1. The sincerity of Dr. Yong in carrying out True Parents' direction;

2. The unity and passion of brothers and sisters' alignment and loyalty to True Parents; and

3. The present situation of our Philippine church, the maturity of the members and the organizational growth and structural foundations of the whole movement.

Time to Speak Out

I have always chosen peace and silence but like a flowing river, sometimes, we have to go between or over the rocks, fall into a deep valley, and run through creeks and boulders in order to reach the ocean. Now is not the time to be silent.

Now is the time, to speak out to be heard. Doing so would make us all deeply understand how it important it is for us to be united as we go towards the year 2013.

All these difficulties will come to pass. People make different kinds of mistakes but as long as we accept that we are not perfect, there is always space for love and forgiveness. I am emphasizing this point even if perfection really means perfection of heart and character. It is about love and forgiveness, honesty and humility, appreciation and respect. Those of us who are badly or sadly affected by the situation, just "charge it to experience." The fact is, we cannot undo them anymore no matter how resentful or vindictive we can be. In the end, the only way left for us really is to move past beyond this situation as quickly as we reasonably can.

Time for Healthy Give and Take

There will be times when we just need to be silent and watchful in the corner. Those of us who have not said anything yet do not have to say anything now. We don't have to say anything if we feel that it is just fanning the embers or flaming the emotions of people. Anyone can always post their positive reflections about a story, a biblical verse, a Divine Principle notation or a portion of True Parents or Hyung Jin Nim's speech because these are very important in our life of faith. However, discussions on the real implications of what is happening should also be seen as a healthy way of giving and receiving.

Our perceived maturity and experience should never be a reason for us to fall away from each other. Achievement, experience or connection should make us become even more humble, honest and true to our faith and relationships with one another.

The Reason for our Being

We are where we are not just because of our choices but because God has also chosen to be with us. When we choose to be with His chosen representatives then we will be more blessed and enabled to accomplish more for Heaven, the World and our respective families.

We are here because of the Divine Principle and True Parents. All the True Children know that. We love the True Children. But we are all here basically because of True Parents so we follow our True Parents representatives and align with them no matter what external circumstances dictate to us. We may procrastinate or plea for moratorium on the implementation of events that we consider significant but when that is not permitted or rendered impossible by our Abels designated by True Parents, then we have to recoil to our original fold.

Our Focus Now

Our focus here now is to achieve unity of purpose, alignment and direction. We have to look at the whole vision and mission, purpose of the whole structure, the whole movement and the indivisible unity of True Parents with Heavenly Father. To do this, we need to look at ourselves and think of the answers to the following questions:

1) Who are we following?

2) What is the origin and foundation of our faith?

3) Are we using God's viewpoint to look at the failings and misgivings of family members?

3) How do we make our sentiments and delicate emotions play with the logic of reason and passion in reality?

4) What can we do to support each other?

5) More positive questions for each other?

Let us know the real situation, generate more positive thoughts for each other after watching this video link. (Password is cheonilguk)

Now, it's your turn.

Raffy Ablong 

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