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Brief Report from the 1st 5-Day Original Divine Principle Seminar in Japan Report

Raffy Ablong
May 1, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have about 65 brothers and sisters from the Philippines, Africa and Germany who came yesterday to attend the first ever 5-Day Original Divine Principle seminar for international Unification Church members in Japan.

Our main lecturer is Prof. Joseph Navalta, President of U.P.F.-Philippines. He is assisted by our Unification Church Philippines Vice-President, Dr. Jimmy Vergara. The PowerPoint presentations about the ODP are very clear and revealing. It showed us how different is the approach of the Original Divine Principle in purifying our life, enriching our experiences and strengthening our original mind. The depth and breath of the first day lectures are so overwhelming. Personally, I feel like God and True Parents have descended into this place to envelope us with the warmth of his love and care. Tears flow naturally like waterfalls from a tall mountain down into a deep, deep valley. Truly this is a great time to celebrate the love and affection of God on earth.

I am so deeply grateful for God's love and blessing at this great time through our main lecturer, Brother Joseph. I think that God is using him to awaken us from a very long slumber and inescapable dormancy in this land of great sacrifice, humility and faithful attendance of Japanese Unification Church members. Brother Joseph's comments about how Japan has shown the world of its discipline, dignity and honor in the face of the terrible twin disaster is a re-confirmation of our belief why Japan was chosen by God as the Mother Nation of God's providence.

Some of the participants here are pioneering members of Philippine church like Brother Roy Montana, William Enriquez, Jun Flores, Bal Tuballa, and more. I also see our strong and still very actively engaged sisters like Mona, Lalaine, Rosela and others.

Our over-all coordinator of the whole 5-day event is Roy Carumba, National Vice and Central Regional Minister of the Philippine Unification Church in Japan. We are now on the 2nd day of our workshop and a few more members are coming down here from Kyushu and Osaka Prefectures today.

More reports soon.

Raffy Ablong 

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