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First 5-Day Original Divine Principle Seminar Report 2

Rafael E. Ablong
May 3, 2011

Third Day
Original Divine Principle Seminar Report
May 1-5, 2011

We are now on the 3rd day of our Original Divine Principle Seminar lead by our international lecturers, Brother Joseph Navalta and Dr. Jimmy Vergara. Our coordinator for today is Brother Roy Carumba, Central Regional Minister.

The lectures are so interactive and enriching. Brother Joseph is investing a lot of his time and effort so that we can gain life and resurrection for our individual missions and responsibilities. His clear and logical explanations are really helping us all to understand where we are now in God's providence. More than that, God is really using him to make us comprehend and sympathize with God's lonely situation. So, seminar participants are praying that Heavenly Father will continue to give him good health and extra energy to keep his position as God and True Parents' giver of love and guidance as our main lecturer.

Hoon Dok Hae about Stubbornness

We had our Hoon Dok Hae this morning in a tiny island near the venue of the seminar. The reading, "Stubborn Child Who Never Gives Up" was taken from the story of True Father's Autobiography. It was read to us by Sherylan Martin-Nakashima and Lalaine Arieta-Kasai.

Sherylan Martin-Nakashima reflected that in a way all of us are like True Father. We are all stubborn people. That is why we are all here. No matter how hard and difficult the challenges have been in the past and present, we are still here serving the Providence and attending True Parents through our respective families, missions and responsibilities. Our stubbornness is helping us to keep our locations, missions and responsibilities. Ella Ventura-Uchiyama mentioned that she received a lot of negative comments from her older brother when she joined the movement but her stubbornness helped her go through all these sad and negative experiences. Now, all her family members are attending God and True Parents.

John Santillan, my brother in law, testified how his stubbornness helped him work for his tribal messiah mission. He concluded his testimony with a challenge for everyone to intensify our tribal witnessing condition to help the Messiah accomplish the Heavenly Nation by January 13, 2013.

New Holy Ground

Following the Hoon Dok Hae by a Holy Ground-Making Ceremony officiated by Dr. Jimmy Vergara. This is the first holy ground made for Filipinos and other international members to connect them to the fatherland of Korea. Dr. Vergara is going to make another holy ground in Tokyo. Brother Edgar Nacorda arrived this morning so he could accompany Brother Jimmy to Tokyo for that holy -- ground -- making service tomorrow.

The new holy ground's ambiance near the big pool of water is sanctifying one. Just by stepping on the holy ground makes you feel the presence of God or spirit world. The cool breeze coming from the water and the trees around it makes us feel like it is a real holy place where people can pray and meditate. The tree on this holy ground is the only tree overlooking the water beside a small chapel-looking shed.

Having this new holy ground in Mie Ken brings a significant meaning and definition to our ministry in Japan. Being the first holy ground made by Philippine church officials in the central part of Japan means God is energizing the spiritual *heart" of Japan's blessed international community so other parts of the body will be resurrected or resuscitated to life. Having a holy ground in the central region is connecting our ministry to the central nation of God's providence.

Topics Today

Professor Brother Joseph Navalta completely and logically elaborated on the human fall, eschatology and last days, resurrection and predestination. We had group discussion and general group sharing of ideas and testimonies of faith. At break time, we have karaoke singing, dancing and more.

Electrifying Revelations

In addition to surprising revelations of the Original Divine Principle, we are getting a lot of inspirations from brothers and sisters who have not seen or heard from each other. This overwhelming experience we have now at the seminar is the electrifying explosion of real life experiences shared by blessed men and women in reality.

Our blessed sisters said that blessed brothers and sisters have the same struggles on the family level. The specific details of individual struggles and difficulties may be different but they are generally similar. We are experiencing these things as an indemnity condition to strengthen the family and truly restore husband and wife relationship in this country as well as bring peace to the world. These emotional and spiritual inspirations about our existence in Japan are giving each participant a reason to continue to do the mission of establishing an ideal family, society, nation and world.

Life is Just a Speck of Reality

We all have different trials to overcome, different challenges to face, different problems to solve and a lot of different choices to choose from. Nevertheless, it is true love and the applications of absolute sexual ethics that guide to go to Heaven. When we go to the spirit world, we will know that our life on earth is just a speck of reality. We have to do our best to do many things within a short period of time by following our True Parents words and directions about prayer life and tradition of living for the sake of others.

More reports soon.

Thank you.

Rafael E. Ablong 

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