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Western Japan Update 6-28-2011

Raffy Ablong
June 28, 2011
Philippine Unification Church Ministry in Japan (PUCMJ)

Dear Kyushu -- Okinawa PUMCJ Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this update will find you healthy, safe, strong and successful.

Please take note of the following:

1. True Parents visit to the Philippines is indefinitely postponed to the second week of August. Pleas wait for further notice.

2. We have received the receipt of the donation that we sent last June 23rd for True Parents Visit to the Philippines thru the BPI peso account of HSA-UWC.

Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Aurora- Cubao Branch

Contact me if you want details of the donation. Collection of donations for True Parents Visit and for the reconstruction of the Philippine Hqs are still ongoing.

2. Original Divine Principle Seminar on August 12- 17, 2011 at Kawasaki Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan a 5 minutes walk from Kawasaki station. All Filipino and Filipina members including foreign nationals who are church members living in Japan are invited to participate. The registration fee is 10,000 yen excluding food budget. For more information and inquiry, please contact: Mr. Edgar Nacorda or Mr. Arnold C. Heramis. For Japanese information please contact: Ms. Itoko Granada.

3. Fukuoka International School Charity Committee and Fukuoka Filjap have sent 19 boxes of books and clothes to 3 Schools in the Philippines namely: International peace and Leadership College (IPLC) in Tanay (10 boxes), Sung Hwa Internal Academy Foundation (SHIAF) in Antipolo 1 (5 boxes), and New Generation International School (NGIS) in Cavite. (4 boxes). See attached photos. You may see some of the photos on this site 2011.html

You may also find more pictures of the project on my Facebook account

Previous photos and reports may be viewed at this multiply site.

4. Our lone Filipina blessing candidate in Fukuoka, Bernadette Benigay-Gonzales, is undergoing regular Sunday ODP lectures at my home. She has started offering indemnity conditions and have been doing her Hoon Dok Hae and closing prayer tradition. She is starting her tithing condition. I am still following up two of our other candidates in Saga City.

5. We now have two chapters of Tong-il Moo Do. One at Fukuoka International School (for non- members) and the other is in Kurume (for Unification Church members) with the help of Master Hoshiko Takamitsu.

6. There is a PROPOSAL on the PUCMJ Council of Leaders to submit a list of nominees for regional leadership to HQS so they can choose the Japan PUCMJ Regional Ministers. Once the regional ministers are chosen, the National Leader will choose from among the 3 Regional Leaders who will become the next National Executive Minister. This proposal is now under deliberation. The PUCMJ Council of Leaders lead by Brother Edgar Nacorda will come out with the final decision on Sunday, July 3rd.

Please be reminded that the Constitution and By-Laws of our organization in Japan provides for an election in the regional level and a lottery draw or appointment of the National Executive Minister from among the 3 regional leaders in Japan by the Philippine National Leader, Rev. Jun Basuil. This proposal will require amending the constitution that may be done by the Committee that we have set up during the Shizuoka Convention. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Philippine Unification Church Ministry in Japan was made by members based on the guidance of our Continental Director, Rev. Dr. Yong.

I have already gathered two nominees (John Santillan and Adel Villareal) for the list just in case the proposal is approved. We may use the same list of nominees for candidates for regional leadership election for our region in August. Please wait for further notice about this.

Best wishes to all your blessed families.

Thank you.

Rafael E. Ablong 

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