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Dumaguete City Interfaith Blessing Report

Raffy Ablong
July 7, 2012

UPDATE 7-8-2012: Dumaguete City Interfaith Blessing Report -- Report taken from the meeting with the Overall Internal Chairman of the Dumaguete Inter-Faith Blessing, Sister Criselda Centina.

1. Currently, there are ten (10) fulltime staff of Dumaguete City Church based in Bacong Training Center. Some brothers and sisters of fulltime members and home members are helping.

2. Timeline – Mobilization-Orientation until July 15th Follow-up July 16th Augmentation staff (leaders and members) arriving – July 17th Rev. Dr. Yong – July 19th (will stay at Bethel Hotel with 2 leaders and international VIPs or delegates)

3. In the provincial level, the IFB Organizing Committee is composed of: l Governor Joel Degamo

Dumaguete City -- Mayor Manuel T. -- Sagarbarria Overall Internal Chairman – Sister Criselda Centina Overall External Chairman – Brother Toto Euroba (Provincial PNP Spokesman and Radio Host-- on leave to this mission)

External Mobilization Chairmen:

Peace Ambassador -- Atty. Remollo and City Councilor Sayson Provincial Director of DSWD, Barangay

Captains and leaders of different government offices.

4. Leaders and members from other parts of the country will start coming to Dumaguete City on July 17th to help in the overall follow-up and support activities for the main IFB event.

5. Hqs van and other support vehicles from staff are based in Bacong training center.

6. Some local members have already donated rice and money for their immediate needs.

7. The idea of renting a UPF office for the city is put on hold. The city's offer to have the Farmstead facility near Valencia City as a UPF office or education facility is also put on hold. The city has offered it with a corresponding request for an agriculture related project with UPF, like for example, UPF donating Japanese vegetable seeds adaptable to Philippine climate, books about farming and agriculture or agriculture methods training from Japan. These ideas will be discussed after the Interfaith Blessing.

8. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) of Negros Oriental has offered to help educate and mobilize at 40 couple-participants from each municipality of the province.

9. The number of blessing participants is growing every day. 1-Day seminars are conducted day and night. Day for those who can attend during the day and night seminars or evening education events for those who cannot attend during the day.

10. There are also seminars going on in the barangays with the help of the ABC (Association of Barangay Captains).

11. The focus of the external work is now with the local government and public officials who have volunteered their services for the blessing event. So far, those who have supported and have participants coming are from Dumaguete, Sibulan, San Jose, Tanjay, Bais, Guilhung and Canlaon, Dauin, Zamboaguita, Siaton and Bayawan.

12. Those who attended the June 28 UPF IFB for Peace Seminar were the representatives of each city mayor in the province, chiefs of police, heads of DSWD. The City Mayor of Dumaguete has asked UPF to be locally accredited so it can receive financial assistance to hold office and do projects with the local government.

13. Invocation part of the program will involve:

Muslim Imam
Catholic Priest
Bishop Alaban of the Evangelical Christian Churches

13. A Draft of the Program will be posted after the general meeting of Monday, July 12th

14. Update meeting with PUCMJ Regional Leaders on Tuesday, July 13th at 9 p.m. Philippine time.


Monoblocks will be provided by the city government, government vehicles to transport participants to the blessing site will be provided by the local government of each city or municipality.

Monoblocks will also be rented from Silliman University at 6 pesos/chair, 5 pesos/chair from Dumaguete Cathedral Cooperative Office) l NORSU choir for national anthem, congratulatory songs, HRM students to usher, and criminology students for crowd control.

For direct donations to the Dumaguete City Interfaith Blessing, on top of what you will give for the Overall Visayas Blessing, please send to:

BPI DUMAGUETE ACCT. NO. 1089-0976-96

You may also call: Criselda Centina Dumaguete Center Leader Cellphone. Remember to email your donation amount for reporting later.


From our National Leader, Julius Malicdem:

Please remember, we are requesting all members of Philippine Commando in Japan to offer 40,000 Yen per family. The deadline for this donation will be on July 11, 2012. or August 12

You may send your precious donations to the following bank information as directed by PUMJ President Kuya Dante Negre letter dated June 30, 2012:

Tokyo Area, kindly send to:

Baguio Alexander Bacus
Acct # 10150-82538321

Western Area, kindly send to:

Mariano Jessie Requillas
Account Number 12280-2263-8391

Email or call your donation to Jess Mariano, Softbank mobile phone number or Mr. Jun Jumawan Filipina sisters (donation from the Heart), please send to: Obuchi Kenji Account number 10230-22554701

(Note: Regional leaders, please inform HQ if you have sent your donations from your regions directly so we can properly account them.)

Thank you very much and we look forward to your kind support. May God and True Parents' blessings be with you and your families.


Rev. Julius B. Malicdem
National Leader


Rafael E. Ablong
National Vice-Executive Minister and Regional Executive Minister, PUCMJ Western Japan

Visayas Update 6-30-2012

Criselda Centina of Dumaguete City Center just told me this morning that the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental and the City Government of Dumaguete City have expressed their interest to help in mobilizing 10,000 people to the Inter-Faith Blessing. Right now, they are thinking about getting a bigger venue or how to make 10,000 people fit in one place. The DSWD has expressed their interest to UPF officials to help mobilize for 10,000 people or more.

My older brother William Ablong, City Administrator, Information and Agriculture Officer, is very inspired to see so many people (PNP chiefs of police, mayors, officials) who attended the June 28 seminar at Bethel Guest House. He also said that the lecturers were all great.

My younger brother Rev. Fr. Ronnie Ablong, Rector of St. Joseph Seminary promised to attend and help in the Inter-Faith Blessing.

Brothers and sisters, please let us all help our Unification Church brothers and sisters financially. They need money for food of the participants and to mobilize for the blessing. When I called her 2-days before the seminar, they did not have enough money to pay for the June 28 Seminar at Bethel Hotel.

Please share what you have for the Inter-Faith Blessing in Visayas especially for Dumaguete, Tacloban, Ilo-ilo and Cebu.

Please send your donations to the account of: Obuchi Kenji and send an email notification about your donation.

You may also send your donations directly to Dumaguete City center through Criselda Centina Dumaguete Center Leader

Updates for direct donors to Dumaguete City are updated at: Negros Oriental Tribes 

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