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My Birthday Message

Raffy Ablong
October 21, 2012

Birthday Message!! Born at almost midnight in Dumaguete City 51 years ago in 1961. I was named after an angel, a saint and a painter. I thought I could not live long enough to see this day. I am still here, I am alive. Thanks to Heavenly Father and True Parents!!

Welcoming a new page of my life today. Thank you so much Heavenly Father for my life and the blessing you have given me. I thought I will not live this long. I was born to a very big family of 9 children. My parents were so poor but with your help, all of us have survived, finished college, have families, and able to serve our communities.

We were raised by different relatives, helped by many friends, supported by strangers and even by people of other faiths. You have guided me to where I am now. I have met a few near death situations already and You have always saved me. When I look back my life, I can only say I can not reach this point without Heavenly Father and True Parents. I have always been away from my physical brothers and sisters but never have I felt that I am always far away from them. In fact, the farther I go away, the closer I feel to them in heart. Your love for me and my family is so incredible. I can't believe I could receive so much in life.

Thank you for making me an instrument of love and peace, blessing, happiness and understanding. I know I have not been always good in thoughts, words and deeds but I will keep on trying my best to become the best person I can ever be before you.

Thank you so much for my wife, my children, my family, friends and co-workers, Whatever I have left in this life, I will continue to use for your will and to share the best I have with all humility and determination to succeed. I am re-offering my life to You. Whatever I have now is always yours. I will say the same pledge and continue to live according to my covenant with you and True Parents I have said many years ago.

All I have belongs to you, please continue to use me as your instrument of peace, happiness and service so this world will become a better place for everyone regardless of color, race, nationality, religion, ideology, economy, profession or vocation and persuasion. I will keep trying hard to be a good husband to my wife, father to children, brother to my family members, friends to all kinds of co-workers and people around me. Thanks to all my facebook friends. Truly, technology is God's instrument to realize His dream of One Family Under God.!!

Happy birthday to all those who are born today. Happy Birthday Raphael Enriquez Ablong!! You will be happy and cute forever lol!!

Mabuhay Pilipinas! Nihon Banzaii! Korea Mansei! Cheon Il Guk Eog Mansei!!

Rafael E. Ablong 

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