The Words of the Ablong Family

Pray, think, prioritize and plan how to accomplish our goals

Raffy Ablong
October 28, 2012

Dear Philippine Brothers in Japan,

Let us pray, think, prioritize and plan how to accomplish the following: (Not in order. Prioritize depending on directions and your capacity or capability, etc.:)

210 Generations for Father and Mother's Ancestors Liberation in Chung Pyung

Tribal Messiah Mission (includes educating and supporting your tribe financially, too)

Y400,000 donation for Cheon Jeong Gung Construction

Y300,000 special donation for January 2013 Providential events in the Philippines (aka January 2013 Blessing Registration)

Funding the VIPs from our respective cities to go to Manila in January 2013 for ILCandUPF Convention, etc.

These are all on top of the financial needs for our growing children, most of us in Japan have children who are going to high school already and each of them need at least 250,000 -- 300,000...)

Important words to remember are:

Vertical prioritization, actual capacity and balance centered on the ideal of the family for the sake of others (society, nation and world).

Tithing, money or donations do not make us grow spiritually. How we accomplish directions, perceive, understand and follow God's words based on the heart of living for the sake others make us grow. Let us overcome the 4 fallen natures through these challenges. Remain committed and steadfast in our belief to God and True Parents thru our hierarchy of Abels

Respect, connect and follow vertical hierarchy of heart (Leaders or Abels) even in the most trying and most difficult challenges and situations

Decision should keep the family growing spiritually and positively together

Pray for the unity and success of everyone despite our perceptions and situations

Do not lose hope. Keep our dreams and try to fulfill it during our lifetime

Prepare our children to continue our mission and destiny of supporting and realizing God's Providence no matter what. Remember we are all getting older and may not be productive anymore. Educate our children to carry on the task.

Let us develop our heart for True Parents thru these challenges.

Happy growing everyone!!

Raphael Enriquez Ablong 

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