The Words of the Ablong Family

Thanks and gratitude to all for the Foundation Day Holy Wine in PUCMJ West Japan

Raffy Ablong
February 18, 2013


Thank you so much to all of those who have made the PUCMJ West Japan (Kyushu-Okinawa) Foundation Day Holy Wine Ceremony possible. I would like to thank most especially our Heavenly Parents and the True Parents of Humankind for the amazing grace of forgiveness and blessing You have given us through this Holy Wine Ceremony.

I would also like to thank our Continental Director, Rev. Dr. Yong, National Leader Julius Malicdem, our ever understanding and helpful UM Hqs Secretary General Ria Ame, our National Messiah to the Philippines Rev. Wataru Funami, our PUCMj National pastor Rev. Yong Tae Park and Japan PUCMJ National Executive Minister Kuya Dante Negre for your continuous guidance and untiring support.

I would like to highlight my thanks and gratitude to the Fukuoka Church leadership especially Takamiya Church and Seimekan staff members led by Mr. Kim, Kancho San, Aihara San, Yoshiura San and all people in the uC Fukuoka Office for their valuable assistance. Without your support, our plans

Also, one of the first on my list to thank for are my very supportive brothers and sisters in Fukuoka who are always ready to help lead by John Santillan, NEPAL and Sri Lankan Volunteers, Joann Haga, Kuniko Yoshiura, and my wife and children Kazuyo, Masato, Masahiro and Moe Catherine for their understanding, patience and support. I would like to highlight the contributions of Brother John Santillan. He has successfully managed to help make the whole program a success. He was always in the forefront of external preparations: venue, transportation guide, volunteers, information campaign, general affairs and photography. Also, I would like to thank our international members Sumith and Sunita Rai from both Nepal and Sri Lanka. I hope that they have enjoyed their assistance to us and with the whole event.

All for all the blessed families who came to attend the ceremony. Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and respect.

Raffy Raphael Enriquez Ablong and Kazuyo Ishikawa-Ablong 

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