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Mindanao Region Needs Financial Support for the Blessing on October 19, 2013

Raffy Ablong
October 10, 2013

From Ms. Grace Mayo and Mr. Edmond Canete:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We need your financial help.

Little pennies when put together become big. Even if it is small as long as it is given with a prayerful and sincere heart would help the witnessing and blessing mobilization in Mindanao. Lectures are held every day. All centers in Mindanao are giving results. The goal right now is to bring 1,200 couples to the blessing on October 19th. It is very easy to witness there now. There are no obstructions and people are very supportive.

If you are from Mindanao or if you know anyone who comes from there, please share this message to them. Our church there needs our monetary support or funding for their activities. They have lecturers, people and facilities. The problem is transportation money, printing of brochures and banners, snacks for participants and food allowances for those who are mobilizing away from the centers.

If you are not from Mindanao and you ready to help, please send your donations to this account:

Edmond G. Canete
BPI Account Number 2036237197

Any known member or leader in Japan can also volunteer to receive donations from Japan and then send them together to Edmond Canete's account to save expenses for sending the donations to the account of Edmond.

Edmond G. Canete is blessed to a Japanese resident of Kurume City in Fukuoka. He is the center leader of Iligan City at the present where the office of Grace Mayo, the Regional Executive Director for Mindanao, is currently located.

Alex Baguio Alexander siguro ay puedeng mag-mediate for donations in Japan kung puede. Let us support when we can even if it is small. Small monies when put together become big.

Thank you so much.

Raffy Raphael Enriquez Ablong

Noted by:

Kuya Dante Negre P-FFWPU Japan Region
Executive Director 

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