The Words of the Acevedo Family

The Hispanic Community Center Of The Chicago Family Church

Jon Acevedo
April 27, 2007

Our 1st quarter report: We have 12 strong group leaders and 7 of them took ownership for the 6th World Peace tour. Our group held a total of 25 events, finding 96 new ambassadors for peace local and 240 abroad. Our group leaders reached out even to their families abroad.

All our group leaders are non Unification church members. The most amazing thing is, they all believe in the blessing and they love True Parents. Some of them are now Unificationists. They are Santiago and Antonio Torres, in charge of Hispanic Youth ministry; Adolfo and Karina Cos are in charge of Children's Ministry. Our group leaders are meeting every week, the Youth group is meeting twice a month, One-day Divine Pinciple seminar is once a month, counseling and referrals are every day.

This coming Sunday our Youth group and their families will come to our Chicago Family Church Sunday Service and they will provide a Mexican lunch for everybody.

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