The Words of the Acevedo Family

Great Accomplishment in Hispanic Community for Peace - From Small Group To A Growing Community Of Practice

Marina and John Acevedo
January 14, 2010

After seven years of continuous loving and caring for the wild olive trees, we were able to have 300 friends all over the state. Some of them we are meeting weekly, monthly and bi-weekly. They were there when we organized community services, in all church events they are supporting us, but we are not happy until we decided to challenge them that we don’t need friends what we need are family members, a real brothers and sisters who can also love our True Parents.

This year we changed our focus, we introduced them to our prayer room and motivate them to do the same; by reciting our family pledge after the opening prayer in all group meetings. Last summer we had 2 Days Divine Principle workshop, for the whole family. We had the parents, youth and children’s group. The workshop was so successful that we had to hold it every month. During the first workshop we had 44, second 72 and the third was 70 participants.

We did the 40 days condition of visiting 40 homes and giving them True Parents picture and the family pledge. This is a beautiful experience that some of those family we visited are truly amazed by the spirit world because some had dreams of their ancestors telling them about the oriental man coming from God will visit their home so they all accepted True Parents picture and put it in their altar.

After that condition we begun our monthly Sunday service in Spanish, we invited them to attend our main church service in the morning and in the afternoon we had our Spanish service. We were initially nervous that they might not come. The Spirit world always supported us. During the first service we have 44 participants, second were 60, third 51, forth 65 and the fifth we had 72 people. Finally we found out we have real members.

Our community is also serving our church, they offered twice a year the best Lunch for our general church membership. The quality of food and their preparation was very impressive. ' The Original Divine Principle Workshop was a great impact on 3 of our members who attended. During the True Parents' “ launching of the Auto-biography 8 members drove with us to Washington, D. C. to see True Parents. Each time they meet and attended any of our event, their commitment were strengthened.

The October 14, 2009 blessing was the time for our harvest 3 of our previously married couples joined the blessing as “Blessed central Family and 9 joined the blessing as Ambassador for peace, Truly amazing to see them loving and serving our True Parents.

In preparation to receive the Messiah for the True Family Values' Banquet. We started a series of Divine Principle classes every Tuesday and Wednesday in our house to those new ones. Monday nights we also have guitar class for the youth. Thursday evening is Marriage counseling for those who need it. Friday night is taking care of our small group leaders' meeting. Finally, Saturday and Sunday are home visitation and all the responses are overwhelming.

Sometimes, we are also amazed how we could do all these despite working in outside companies. There is only on answer, the sacrifices of our Dearest True Parents and the support of the spirit world made all this possible.

Our humble beginnings here in America, proved what the Bible says, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and ALL these things will be added onto you." We might not be rich materially but having a strong marriage and a healthy body is more than the riches this world could provide. We are happy and ready to serve our True Parents. 

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