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3-Day Revival Seminar-Workshop In Tanay

Randy Ame
February 28, 2007
Tanay Phillipines

February 25-28 2007, staff from HQ, Tanay, and Marilao gathered together for a new beginning seminar workshop at Unification Cultural Center International (UCCI), Sitio 1 Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal. It was a 3-days revival seminar-workshop for members of the "internal HQ and external HQ".

The workshop started on the 25th of February with the inspiring lectures presented by Atty. Celso Talaba and Elder Brother Edgar Tanate, both gave guidance to the participants on the value of their relationship as brothers and sisters in order to develop a heavenly atmosphere and uplift each others spirit. After the presentations, a group discussion was done and followed by reflection writing.

Engr. Joseph Navalta, re-echo their seminar with Hyung Jin Nim in Korea. Mr. Romy Nuyana, shared his experience during the time that he was still working directly in the frontline. Also he shared how he became church business leader. He emphasized in his testimony the value of unity of mind and body and the value of vertical connection. Dr. Jimmy Vergara gave an inspiring message on the attitude in making a new start. In his presentation he gave emphasis on the importance of one's motivation. Aside from the lecture that was presented, participants of the workshop did a meaningful dedication "gardening in Tanay" that adds inspiration to the participants.

During the third day of the workshop, Mrs. Imelda Sayson gave a presentation on the topic "Do not hurt other's feeling". She focused her lecture on the second heavenly law. Also she gave some points on the proper way of dealing with VIP's and on the importance of communication. Engr. Julius Malicdem presented a unity game entitled "Win as much as you can" before his actual presentation. In his presentation, he focused on Hyung Jin Nim's message when he came here in the Philippines last December 2006.

Mrs. Shirley Vergara gave the final presentation with a topic "Tradition and Daily Etiquette". In her presentation she focused on the inheriting the tradition of True Parents.

The revival workshop concluded with a whole day experiential training and a graduation ceremony in the evening.

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