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Report from Women of Tomorrow Workshop - Women of Tomorrow: Mothers and Daughters Report

Keishin Barrett
November 5 -- 6, 2011

On the 5th and 6th of November we had our third 'Women of Tomorrow' event in Livingstone House. The theme of this event was 'Mothers and Daughters' which was to enable us all to reflect about the relationship between mother and daughter as well as the roles we take and will take as women.

It was a lovely event with an array of testimonies, talks and lectures. Simon Cooper kicked off the event with a talk about the importance of God's Word. Tim Read gave the third of a series of lectures on the role of women, talking more in detail about True Mother's life.

We had beautiful and inspiring testimonies from our Aunties; Cecilia Fortune and Linda Brann and our older sister Yoshiko.

Natasha Huish came to give a talk about the value of 'Small Groups' which she has had a lot of experience in running with her husband Matthew. She expressed that the gathering together with a higher purpose and God centered discussion creates a strong bond of fellowship.

On the schedule we took some time to take part in different symposiums. Such as; 'Women of Yesterday' led by C. Haines was about key women in history, Journalism and Media was led by Parmy Olsen who is a mum and journalist, Women of Faith was led by Dolores Read talking about women of different faiths meeting together to share and talk about peace. Finally Miriam Zaccarelli came all the way from the West Country to talk about the charitable work she is doing in her community of Melksham.

Personally, I found the content of this workshop so rich and refreshing. I found the lecture given by Uncle Tim about True Mother's course something sad but beautiful. It's easy for me to complain, so to hear about the life of a women that has determinedly chosen to walk the most difficult root for the sake of the world, is something that can give power and strength to anyone.

The testimonies were also really so inspiring. I could gain so much from the lessons that my aunties and older sisters have learnt from their own lives. As much as women can talk and talk about nothing, I realize more and more the deep hearts of women and especially mothers. I am realizing more and more how important it is for us to make a conscious effort to be the kind of women that can truly love and nurture the people around us. 

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