The Words of the Beard Family

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Washington DC family holds DP Workshops and expands Ginseng Tea House (Michael Beard - December 1973 pdf)

Washington DC Unification Church's Cooperative Consciousness series (Michael Beard - March 1974 pdf)

Testimony by David Eaton - New Age Pentecost Is Really Happening. Something's going on! - Ken Sudo's Barrytown Workshop Phase III Witnessing Staff Memo (Michael Beard - November 2, 1975 pdf)

We Attend a Campus Speech by a Man Working Against Our Movement (Michael Beard - April 1976 pdf)

Easter Discontent in the Gambia - Desire for a New, More Complete Truth (Barbara Whitehair Beard - June 1976 pdf)

In the Gambia we have to be the example of new world citizens with ethics (Barbara Whitehair Beard - September 1976 pdf)

The First God's Day (David Beard - January 2007)

To All Houses Without Exception (David Beard - July 2007)

The Missionary Road - An East African Story (David Beard - November 2007)

Welcome Back the Queens of Football (David Beard - June 2008)

The Messiah's Countrymen (David Beard - February 2009)

The Vine Shall Yield Its Fruit - An overview of the early stages of the Korean church restructuring (David Beard - October 2009)

Origins, a review of books (David Beard - June 2010)

Goodluck, Patience and Blessing for Nigeria (David Beard - June 2011)

2019 Sun Hak Peace Prize winner Waris Dirie (David Beard - November 2018 pdf)

The development of IAPD from origin to its founding in nations around the world (David Beard - December 2018 pdf)

True Mother accomplished as much or more than she had in pre-pandemic times (David Beard - May 2022 pdf)

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