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Call for 2nd Gen Summer Outreach Interns

Jim Boothby
June 19, 2013

Call for Applications
Summer Outreach Interns for Maryland Church
Stipends for those who qualify

The Maryland Church is urging highly motivated young adults to apply for four open positions to lead local volunteer witnessing teams.

Mission: Each college-age witnessing leader will create his/her own peer group to contact old friends, give out leaflets, staff book tables, blitz Fourth of July picnics and assorted events on campus and to bring interested participants to our newly emerging Divine Principle informational events. Team-building experience preferred.

Methods and Activities: The style of gathering peer level guests may vary according to the creativity of each team leader, including Guerilla style, traditional style, unorthodox style, natural style, fun style – whatever. Outreach team leaders must be able to meet weekly with and receive support and coaching from the Outreach Pastor and must have 10 to 15 hours of time to invest each week in activities.

Team building is basic to the activity. Each team leader will build and recruit his own team of friends, from three to seven people, who can bring potential new members to events. Team leader must have a sense of fun and in addition to witnessing, know how to create fun activities, including trips for old friends, sailing on the bay with guests, projects that will involve meeting new folks.

Outreach Interns will also take on teaching duties as they feel inclined. Upcoming programs include: an international dinner night, an Introduction to the World of the Supernatural; and a more defined Divine Principle workshop on Sunday afternoons. Responses so far are enthusiastic: one 22 year old GPA grad has said::"This is awesome, as you've described it Mr. Boothby …Yes, definitely, I'm in. I will do this. I want to do this. "

Remuneration and Expenses: There will be a summer stipend and some expenses will be reimbursed.

Duration – Begins July 1st to end of August.

To apply: Please contact Outreach Pastor Jim Boothby

This information will remained posted on here: interns-for-maryland-church/ 

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