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Here's a Reminder- Witnessing Outreach Strategizing Anew

Jim Boothby
August 13, 2014

Dear Family,

Last Thursday, about 15 of us had a beginning conversation about witnessing at the new Learning center. We were committing to a stepped process of ramping up outreach and increasing the teaching tempo through August and beyond.

Please consider joining us tomorrow night, Thursday 8/14 at the Melford Learning Center for the second discussion and planning meeting. You're invited! More than that, You're needed!

We'll discuss:

1.) First part (short) - PRAY HARD! Then, your comments about our existing outreach, witnessing and teaching in general. Any comments you want to make. What's good? What's not? What could be even better?

2.) Second part (more substantial) PRAY HARD!

a.)How to proceed to make an outreach team?

b.)Agreed Schedule to go out.

1.) Proposed 1 pm Saturdays for 2 hours

2.) Proposed Wed or Thurs evening 7 pm for 1.5 hours

3.) Where to go for leafleting? Bowie state, Town Ctr, Shop ctr, d/d

4.) Literature, handouts

c.)Teaching Divine Principle

1.) We will show/demonstrate 10 minutes of the new Divine Principle power point (see how you like it)

2.) Decide initial lecture Divine Principle presentation times and days

d.) Food and Culture night

1.) What food, by who prepared?

2.) Performances by who?

3.) Date and time. Saturday august 30, 6 pm?

4.) Initial guest list

Witnessing and Outreach Launch
A New Start!
(Reaching and Teaching New People One by One for a Successful Fall Season)
7 pm, Thursday, Aug 14
The Learning Center at Melford
4801 -C, Telsa Dr, Bowie, MD

We'll pray for Unity, God's presence and favor, brainstorm and talk, and lay plans and make commitments.

Fruit, Cold drinks and Cookies will be served.

Please plan to attend if Outreach -- in whatever form -- is on your mind. Every one's help, ideas, participation and passion welcome and needed.

See you Tomorrow!

Miilhan and Jim 

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