The Words of the Burrowes Family

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Witnessing in Carpi (Barbara Burrowes - May 1967)

We have started witnessing in Milan (Barbara Burrowes - November 22, 1969)

I am happy to say that a Jesuit Priest has accepted Divine Principle (Barbara Burrows [Van Praag] - May 27, 1970)

Is Sun Myung Moon the Christ? (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - August 1970)

I took ten members to visit Teddy [Verheyen], Pauline and the Dutch family (Barbara Burrowes [Van Praag] - October 3, 1970)

I shall leave for Guyana, South America (Barbara Burrowes - April 4, 1971)

Father set foot here in Georgetown, Guyana (Barbara Burrowes - May 12, 1971)

Here is some information about my mission in Guyana (Barbara Burrowes - May 19,1971)

After my first radio broadcast, I was again invited to talk on the air (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - July 16, 1971)

The Religious Climate in Guyana (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - August 1971)

We have had three all-night prayer vigils (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - October 12, 1971)

We had our usual all night chain prayer vigil (Barbara Burrowes - December 5, 1971)

Deeper love and brotherhood in a more profound understanding! (Barbara Burrowes - January 1, 1972)

Master is the most dynamic man I have ever known (Barbara Burrowes - March 22, 1972 pdf)

I shall be singing 'He never prayed from weakness' (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - July 19, 1972 pdf)

Guyana Report for August 1972 (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - August 1972 pdf)

The Guyanese Family had always hoped that our Leader would pay us a visit (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - February 1973 pdf)

The Guyanese Family is setting conditions and witnessing (Barbara Burrowes [Van Praag] - May 1973 pdf)

The Unified Family in Guyana opens 5 new centers and expands its work (Barbara Burrowes [Van Praag] - November 1973 pdf)

Missionary to Guyana Barbara Burrowes [Van Praag] founds Hallelujah Show (Robert Hall - February 1975 pdf)

Guyana's Hallelujah Group is the best cultural group and choir in the nation (Barbara Burrowes [van Praag] - March 1976 pdf)

Guyana: Children's Center (Barbara Burrowes van Praag - April 1985)

Our Mission in Guyana -- A Brief History (Barbara Burrowes van Praag - October 1985)

Mission to Jamaica (Barbara Burrowes Van Praag - March 1988)

God showed me without any doubt that Rev. Sun Myung Moon was His son (Barbara Burrowes Van Praag - November 15, 2017 pdf)

The Hallelujah Group International Reunion Honouring Sister Barbara [Burrowes] van Praag (Lorna Russo, Bryan Lancaster and Donna Martijn - January 9, 2021 pdf)

Honouring Sister Barbara (Burrowes) Van Praag (Video Interview) (Michael Balcomb - February 3, 2021 pdf)

Update on Sister Barbara (Burrowes) Van Praag - True Mother's gift and more (Lorna Russo, Bryan Lancaster and Donna Martijn - February 9, 2021 pdf)

Sister Barbara van Praag CB Victor Update and 92nd Birthday suggestion (Donna Martijn - January 24, 2022 pdf)

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