The Words of the Campman Family

SET Kickoff Workshop Reflections

Jonathan Campman
October 20, 2006

Well, I believe the workshop has helped me in many different ways. Obviously, the explanations behind starting SET helped a lot and the importance of having other programs besides STF. I found out that I could really relate to the visions of SET. Other than that I believe the workshop has helped me into getting back into a good routine of HDH, eating, sports, and being aware of time and being inside this healthy environment.

An important moment for me was when Stefan said: "Don't do this for the experience, but offer this year to God and your experience will come." Well, what I learned in the culture of heart lectures is that even inside SET we can build a good culture and be an example to our younger brothers and sisters and people outside of the church. I also realized the importance of dreaming big.

Thought the DP lecture "lessons from the model course" were interesting. I felt this was a lecture that showed how we can get through hard times as winners for God even if everything looks lost. The 2nd Generation ID lectures were really presented to us in a realistic way. When we were going through the points/characteristics of teenagers I found a lot of things applied to myself. Limi nuna had a good way of explaining the importance of SET: "outreach is important but taking care of our younger brother and sisters is just as important."

I really liked Julius' lectures and guidance on FR. The lectures gave me a better understanding of why we FR, and in some ways I feel more confident about it, and maybe I am even looking forward to it. During the workshop, I noticed we were forced all the time to reflect about ourselves, to make decisions, to question certain things. So in a way I got to know myself better. It is hard for me, but I noticed that I still have to grow in many ways.

The workshop has been good for me and I feel more confident about this year. A big thanks to the STAFF that made the workshop possible.

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