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GPF 2007 and The Philippines

William Balboa Enriquez
December 2, 2007

Today is December 2, 2007 and 10 days from now a big event will take place in the Philippines. Did you read the invitation from our Pres. Michael G. Zablan? How many are coming to Philippines!

Anyway, to be there is important, but what is more important is our internal participation, our moral support. We maybe there at the rally, but without understanding the meaning of being there, nothing happens to us internally. So it is important for us to understand, what this GPF has to do with me.

Sounds self-centered but it is not. After all, GOD has been inspiring our leaders to initiate many important events, not for HIM but for us, his children. Although this GPF 2007 in the Philippines is "not our event, but GOD's event" as what Dr. Joseph Navalta said, however, GOD is doing this event for us, isn't it?

Why is GOD inspiring Hyun Jin Nim to have this GPF 2007 in Manila and gave us the goal of gathering 250,000 participants? Isn't it because there is a possibility that our elder brother Hyun Jin Nim could see? And Hyun Jin Nim is challenging us because he loved us, and he wanted to see us becoming responsible sons and daughters of GOD and True Parents.

Fulfilling this goal will not only make us victorious but will bring success to GOD, True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim. Remember what our brother Dr. Joseph Navalta said, "If this event will be successful, we can contribute to GOD's success".

GOD and True Parents are the ones who inspire our elder brother Hyun Jin Nim to initiate such big events, like the GPF 2007. And through this GOD, TP and HJN wants to teach our leaders to be responsible. GOD is re-creating them and wanted to elevate their level of heart and concern for the providence of establishing GOD's Homeland.

Can our leaders accomplish this task without our support and participation? Maybe they can, but they are always thinking about us and wanted to share with us the victory that they can see ahead of time. And that is why our leaders are calling us to participate and be a part of this important event.

The reason why we have to involve ourselves in this event is indeed for us. This is to train ourselves to be responsible for greater things. If we do, GOD will let us feel its importance and this experience will bring our hearts into a higher level of concern for greater things and living for the sake of others. GOD and True Parents are teaching us this way. Not just merely through "words" but through our own experiences.

We are not just an organization. We are a family having One True Parent. We are brothers and sisters and our relationship is centered upon our True Parents' heart and love. Our leaders are in the position as our elders and they were given by our True Parents greater responsibility. And because of that True Parents are always praying for them, guiding them, inspiring them, supporting them and even sometimes scolding them in order to accomplish greater things than what they can imagine.

When we know this, can we just look at our leaders in times they needed our support? Or are we there to help and encourage them just as what GOD and our True Parents do? If we do, then we are joining together with GOD and True Parents. And this will create a base for us to understand GOD and True Parents heart better towards our leaders.

We are not just the people from the Philippines who are involved in preparing for the success of this GPF 2007 in Manila. Not just the Philippine nation is involved. The international communities are participating in this great and important event.

We all have seen the program for this GPF 2007 in Manila. There are a lot of international activities. International Conferences, International Service Projects, International Cultural Activities and many more activities that involve the participation of delegations from different countries of the world.

On the other side, let us not forget also that there are those liberated ancestors of our Filipino brothers and sisters who have finished their education and training with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in the spirit world. They have become absolute good spirits and they wanted support this great event.

They are also preparing the Philippines for GOD and True Parents. We have seen and know what had happened when Dae Mo Nim held ancestors liberation in Tanay. Heung Jin Nim was there... many have seen Him. To see is to believe, and many of our brothers and sisters believed that Heung Jin Nim was there during that time because they have seen Him.

How about this time? GOD, True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim are launching this big event in the Philippines, the GPF 2007. Do we believe that Heung Jin Nim will be there? We have to believe, and this time Heung Jin Nim will be leading those liberated Filipino ancestors in the SW to join in this GPF 2007 in the Philippines. This is how important it is, and our participation will be truly appreciated by our elder brother Heung Jin Nim and our liberated ancestors who are now in the Philippines.

Hyun Jin Nim said this GPF 2007 is just a foundation for the greater rally in the coming year 2008. And while we are coming closer to the day of this big event, so many disturbances are happening around. But if we can get through this, then the year 2008 will be a good start.

Starting next year we have 3 years before the Philippine nation will chose a new leader. GOD is preparing our country. From 2008 until 2010 is a 3 year period, and this will be a period of preparation for GOD to choose a new leader in the Philippines. Our participation with GOD in this preparation period is very important.

GOD might call us anytime and we have to be ready to respond to GOD's calling. We have to help GOD in finding and raising a new leader in the Philippines. Are we ready... are we willing to help GOD?

By the establishment of a new leader in 2010, there will be again another 3 year period coming. This 3 year period is from 2011 to 2013, and this will be the period when we will see the fruits of GOD's labor in the Philippines. True Parents has revealed to us His time table and we know what 2013 is for True Parents.

Let us always be ready, and when we see and hear GOD's calling, let us be quick in responding. "SUCCESS for the GPF PHILIPPINES 2007...MABUHAY!"

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