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"Where Two or More Are Gathered..." a testimony

William Enriquez
May 11, 2008

To all Mothers...Happy Mother's Day!!! As this is a "special day" for you, I wanted to share to you a short testimony of how I met God and True Parents in my life through a young missionary who became my Spiritual Mother. This is what I have in mind as a present to all you on this special day. I gave a title of this short testimony and hope you'll like it!

"Where Two or More Are Gathered..."

It was an early dawn and I was sitting by the bench in a park. It was quiet... and the street lights were still on. Only a few cabs and jeepneys can be seen passing by, and there were few people walking by the sidewalk. In my mind were varied thoughts of my life. There were the good side, the not so good side and the bad side. For several moments I kept on asking myself, which side of my life will I follow? And after some time of pondering, there was this tiny voice that seemed whispering to me. It was unclear... maybe because I still needed more time to re-arrange my troubled thoughts. My mind was exhausted with the mixture of thoughts, good and bad, happy and sad, and the passing time is leaving me helpless with no one... no one beside me, no one to talk to about what's going on in my mind and heart.

I remained seated for a few more time. And looking at the distance, I was internally struggling and almost wanted to give up! Then I slowly bowed down and closed my eyes. In my heart, I felt like I wanted to cry out to God for help! But, I didn't... I was a stupid guy I know, and God wouldn't just listen to me. And so, it was those foolish things I did that kept haunting me and making me captive until I decided I have to leave the place.

I opened my eyes and slowly raised up my head. And all of the sudden, I saw from a distance three young ladies walking towards the place where I am. My whole attention was shifted to them. One of them graciously offered a smile to me. It was uplifting and I smiled back! And it was then followed by a good morning greetings that created a warm feeling in the coolness of the early morning dawn. They continued walking towards the big tall tree nearby. And then they stopped... and while standing in front of the big tree they sang a beautiful melody. As I listened to them, they sounded like angels singing the hymn from heaven. The distance was not so far, and I can clearly hear them from where I was seated.

I was curious and I want to know why? And so I walked slowly but surely towards them. One of them had noticed me and suddenly approached me, and with her beautiful bright smile she said, "Hello!" She introduced herself and her friends to me. And when she told me her name I was surprised! It seemed to me that I've known her before. She was so kind and friendly.

Then she told me that they were missionaries and that they came to have their early Sunday Morning Prayer at the park. In my mind I was asking to myself... why here in the park... in front of this big tree? Anyway it didn't bother me much. And after that short conversation, she invited me to join with them in prayer. I felt I was just like a child then, who obediently followed her motherly heart as she guided me in prayer. I was not as holy as these missionaries, I thought. But, I joined them anyway and tried my best to feel God's presence.

It felt strange, because it was just a while ago when I was alone that I wanted to call God for help but I couldn't. But now, here I am given by God a second chance... this time together with these missionaries. We held hands as we prayed in unison. I tried my best and while I was praying in silence I felt the presence of God. Yes, God was there and He wanted to listen to me. I wanted to cry... but how can I? I'm a man in front of these beautiful ladies.

After praying together with them, it seems that all the worries and problems I have were gone. And I've experienced a very peaceful feeling inside my heart. And this feeling of having God and talking to Him in my prayers brought so much joy. And in silence I concluded that "God listens and He is everywhere!"

Yes, God is just a word away and in times we needed Him, we can talk to Him and He will surely listen to us! However, there are times in our "life of faith" where we find it difficult to reach God. It is then time to think that we needed somebody whom we can pray together with.

The Good Book said... "Where two or more are gathered in My name, I'm in the midst of them," Let us give thanks to God and True Parents!

Love always,

William and Family

The missionaries' names are Sister Faith, Sister Shirley and Sister Rose. The big tall tree is where the first couple missionary to the Philippines Rev. John and Nanette Doroski made the Holy Ground in Cebu City at Plaza Independencia.

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