The Words of the Enriquez Family

Sunday Peace Gathering

William Balboa Enriquez
July 27, 2008

Today was a very special day for all the members of Mie FilJap Ambassadors for Peace to welcome our Elder brother who is one of the early pioneers of the Unification Movement Philippines Amb. Dante S. Negre. He came to give us an inspirational message in our Sunday Peace Gathering. For us, it was more than just an inspirational message, it was also a wake up call to once again remind us of our responsibility as Central Blessed Families.

Most of us were awaken by his powerful message and very touching testimony with his witnessing experience to our fellow Filipinos in Tokyo area. During his message he repeatedly emphasized the importance of doing something while True Parents are still here on earth. And he told us that the value of our accomplishment may not be the same as while True Parents are still here on earth than when True Parents are already in the Spirit World.

Was True Parents' helicopter crash a miracle or a wake-up call? That was the question that Amb. Dante S. Negre asked to all of us gathered during his speech.

The coming of our elder brother Amb. Dante S. Negre was not just to meet and give inspirational message to all members of Mie FilJap Ambassadors for Peace but also to witness to some selected members of Philippine Society in Japan here in Nagoya together with Amb. Jun Flores. And as per request by our Regional Director here in Tokai Region Amb. Jessie Mariano, me together with Amb. Joey Andaya accompanied them in their noble mission.

I was under the leadership of Amb. Dante S. Negre many times. And his being bold and straight-forward in terms of leading and guiding us was one of his uniqueness that I will always remember. He can be very strict as a general but very kind and generous as an elder brother. "Good Luck Kuya Dante!"

Aju and GOD Bless!  

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