The Words of the Faris Family

'What I Was Born To Do'- Pioneer Witnessing Testimony

Jacob Faris
December 20, 2007

This pioneer witnessing experience (21 days, Columbia University, NY) has been amazing…nothing can impede the providence now. I have come to understand the essence of joy and inner peace and prosperity through the realization of who I am and what I represent, as a child of God and True Parents, and as a product of the history of the Providence of Restoration.

Hyun Jin Nim doesn't preach about the importance of 2nd generation understanding our identity, the importance of knowing the Principles of Spirit World, and the amazing age that we live in today, the Settlement Age, for nothing, and I feel that those are some of my internal victorious points throughout my witnessing experience.

That particular run, I met Zach, a young devout Christian, going to the prominent Kings College, with the life goal of raising Christian leaders who can make an impact in all walks of life. He was so moved by the Principle and by us that he even chose to write his thesis on the topic of "An inside look at the Unification Movement".

I asked myself, how is it that Zach, a devout Christian who is deep into the Christian theology can be so open minded to our teaching? I realized it must be because we 2nd Gen are the fruits of True Parents and the Principle. We are that substance and have that power to move people. As much as he was drawn by truth he was drawn by our heart and spirit.

I have come to realize that all of this could only happen when I became an absolute minus to God and True Parents, asking God for the ability to comprehend His will for me, and the power, strength, and courage to follow His Will and Desire, in order to connect to His ultimate Will of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is.

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