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Spotlight on UTS Alumni: David Fraser-Harris (Robin Graham - December 19, 2006)

Conference Explores the Significance of the Amman Interfaith Message (David Fraser-Harris - December 22, 2012)

Abel National Messiah in Damascus Syria (David Fraser Harris - February 2013)

UTS Alumni gather in the United Kingdom (David Fraser-Harris - May 31, 2013 pdf)

Celebrating the UN’s International Day of Peace (David Fraser-Harris - September 21, 2013 pdf)

Celebrating the UN’s International Day of Peace in Glasgow (David Fraser-Harris - September 21, 2013 pdf)

UPF Activity in the Middle East (David Fraser-Harris - October 2, 2013 pdf)

UPF Activity in the Middle East (David Fraser-Harris - October 2, 2013 -different version pdf)

Amman Conference on Prospects for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria (David Fraser-Harris - October 13, 2013)

The Prospects for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria: The Role of Religion in International Relations, Amman, Jordan (David Fraser-Harris - October 11-13, 2013 pdf)

All-Sides Consultation in Austria on the Syrian Conflict (David Fraser-Harris - March 9, 2014)

WFWP Scotland teaches Sushi making an Origami to the Citadel Youth Centre (Keiko Fraser-Harris - November 21, 2014 pdf)

WFWP Scotland/UK Interfaith Ministry "The Call of Spirit" (Keiko Fraser-Harris - November 25, 2014 pdf)

David Fraser-Harris, spoke of peace making on many levels over the last 40 years (Robin Marsh - February 28, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Scotland held this year’s “Experience Japan” event (Keiko Fraser-Harris - April 2, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Scotland holds monthly coffee morning and Origami workshop (Keiko Fraser-Harris - April 12, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Scotland held its monthly coffee morning in Edinburgh (Keiko Fraser-Harris - May 26, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Scotland/UK - The Ripple Effect - Discover and apply our inner virtues (Keiko Fraser-Harris - June 30, 2015 pdf)

Love culture, Hate racism event in Edinburgh, Scotland (Keiko Fraser-Harris - October 24, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Scotland/UK monthly coffee morning with Mumtaz Unis (Keiko Fraser-Harris - October 27, 2015 pdf)

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Austria (David Fraser-Harris - February 5, 2016 pdf)

WFWP Scotland/UK holds a Bollywood/ Belly Dance Session (Keiko Fraser-Harris - February 24, 2016 pdf)

WFWP Scotland/UK held “Experience Japan” at Augustine United Church (Keiko Fraser-Harris - April 9, 2016 pdf)

WFWP Scotland's Sunrise Africa Relief activities in Southern Africa (Keiko Fraser-Harris - May 31, 2016 pdf)

Middle East Ambassadors for Peace study Peace Principles in Rome, Italy (David Fraser-Harris - July 3, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Scotland UK's joint event Happiness Program by Art of Living (Keiko Fraser-Harris - April 14, 2018 pdf)

Peace Road 2018 - Sile, Black Sea Coasts, Turkey (David Fraser-Harris - July 26, 2018 pdf)

The first World Tolerance Summit will be convened in Dubai, UAE in November (David Fraser-Harris - August 10, 2018 pdf)

Help Launch IAPP in cooperation with the parliament of Morocco (David Fraser-Harris - August 13, 2018 pdf)

UPF Middle East: Ambassadors for Peace and Peacemakers Values Forum (David Fraser-Harris - July 16, 2020 pdf)

UPF Europe and the Middle East: Building a Culture of Truth and Love at Times of Crisis (David Fraser-Harris - May 28, 2021 pdf)

UPF Middle East Peace series: Extending Hand of Friendship through Health Care (David Fraser-Harris - September 30, 2021 pdf)

UPF Middle East: Peacebuilding cooperation between Israel and Palestine (David Fraser-Harris - October 28, 2021 pdf)

UPF Valletta, Malta's International Day for Tolerance Conference (Mark Brann and David Fraser-Harris - November 15, 2021 pdf)

UPF and Al Liqa Center Co-Sponsor Webinar on Freedom of Thought and Belief (David Fraser-Harris - February 25, 2022 pdf)

UPF Istanbul, Turkey Convenes Programs to Promote Collaboration for Peace (David Fraser-Harris - September 24, 2022 pdf)

UPF Middle East Peace Ambassadors Meet in Tirana, Albania (David Fraser-Harris and Artan Kurti - November 20, 2022 pdf)

UPF Geneva, Switzerland: Diplomats Provide Euro-View of Middle East (David Fraser-Harris - February 16, 2023 pdf)

UPF International Peace Summit 2023: Session IV-B: IAPD (David Fraser-Harris - May 3, 2023 pdf)

UPF EUME partners with Project C.U.R.E. to bring medical aid to Palestine (David Fraser-Harris - April 19, 2024 pdf)

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