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Front Line

Robin Graham
October 4, 2010

During this last month I have talked to several UTS alumni about articles they have previously written; I have come across their articles re-published on various web sites. I think this phenomenon is interesting. There seems to be a re-evaluation going on. I am publishing articles by Dan Fefferman: Before Absolute Faith and Obedience, and by William Haines: Idealism Blues. These should keep us on our theological and philosophic toes and provoke some dialogue on our forum.

I am re-publishing an article which I wrote for the June 2005, Cornerstone: Be Relevant!

I am referencing this article to introduce, or rather re-introduce, a strategy I first came up with in 2005 when I was UTS Director of Alumni Relations and Development. Then I called it "UTS on the Front Line." I am adapting that strategy to fit the current situation. UTS no longer runs a department of alumni relations, and the UTS Alumni Association has stepped into that gap. The current strategy: UTS Alumni on the Front Line.

Where is the front line? This is not World War I with its trenches. Then it was easy to identify the front line. For UTS alumni the front line is wherever an alumnus or an alumna is working and living. They may be a preacher, a missionary, a social worker, a chaplain, a teacher, a lawyer, a businessman, a mother, a father, a stay-at-home mom, a working mother. They may have a house, they may rent, they may have built a solid income, they may have received an inheritance, they may be struggling financially. Wherever we find an alumnus or an alumna we can find them dealing with real life struggles and victories. Our alumni…. on the front line. A very real front line. The Founder of UTS has referred to the alumni as the immune system of the world. The UTS Alumni Association is positioning itself to stand alongside every alumnus and alumna, building a network of support to help our alumni be successful, wherever they work and play. This will take some effort, but with everyone's help it can be strong. 

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